06 December, 2011

Richard Glässer Pyramids

Last month I skipped all the way home when I struck Homegoods pay dirt with my Richard Glässer nativity pyramid find only to be greeted with, maaaan Babe, you usually have great taste but, that is uuuhhhgly. How many minutes did I work today to pay for that junk? 

Deflated, yet resolute in my infatuation, I returned my hand carved pyramid but, only cuz I finally figured out "as is" referred to the missing fan part...

Latter than night over dinner with my cousin Melissa, she mentioned a multi-level wooden tier thingy her grandparents had out every Christmas that spun on a carousel as the heat of the candles fed the fan. Did anyone know what that was and where, oh where, could she find one?

 Oh yeah, said her husband Chris, our family had one too...

Well...well...well...BABE. Happen to know what that "really cool" thing was?

Not only are we getting another one to replace the broken one I returned but, it ain't gonna have a Homegoods price tag mister...

At least you can thank your lucky stars even I have limits...

For a laugh swing by here for the worst nativity sets ever. And, in fitting with the spirit, the first person to correctly guess mine and Meg Cater's vote for the absolute worst AND the one I find thee most clever will be rewarded with a pair of Alice's Holiday dangles...

Congratulations to winner Amber S! Be sure to email me at pinkandgreen@gmail.com with your address and Alice's Holiday color preference Amber. And, merci beaucoup to everyone for playing!

Kindness of Meg Carter for the funny link AND the generous giveaway. Also, for allaying my fears of pitch fork wielding Scrooges by assuring me that even her minister found the awful nativities hilarious. Ahhh, good to know that at least the loosey goosey Episcopalians won't be after me...XXOO


  1. Oh bless! My guess is the one with the burrito Jesus or Godzilla?

  2. Wow, it is not easy to narrow it down to just one, but I'm going to go with the Godzilla nativity. Annnd, I have a feeling you might have a soft spot for the shotgun shell nativity.

  3. For the worst, that would have to be the meat nativity (the lawn ornament disturbs!) And clever, I would vote for the cupcake toppers - why not!
    That link cracked me right up! Thx for that and what a funny giveaway!!
    Amber S.

  4. Absolute worst - the meat nativity, seriously, oh my.
    and for most clever, well I'm going to say the Irish nativity.

    Thanks for sharing - what a hoot!

  5. Oh! You can find these at all the Christmas markets in Germany this time of year. But you can get them year-round at stores like Kaethe Wohlfahrt, just in case you need to pick up something for Babe's birthday ; )

  6. We have a metal version with chimes that hang from the fan part and "ding" as it spins around. Love it!!

  7. Good thing you have a loyal reader from Germany. These things are handmade in the Erzgebirge and run under the generic term of Volkskunst (roughly equivalent to artisan craft).
    Note of caution. If it doesnt say specifically made in Germany or Erzgebirge, then you are likely holding Chinese imitation. Nothing wrong with that, but factory made and not special.
    I just bought my first one at our Christmas market and I am thrilled. The detailing on the figures and the carving make all the difference. As for price points, in Germany the single tier ones atart at around 180 euro and up, depending on the intricacy. Three tiers can easily set you back 500 euro and up. They are notoriously tricky to store, look for ones where the fan is detachable and some have detachable figures (doesn't have to be nativity to be authentic). Hope that helps!!

  8. Well, well, well...... That was seriously funny! Thank you for the link. I found the marshmallow a bit much, the Irishmen full of spunk, the cupcake topper kinda frosty --- but the hotdog nativity scene totally cracked me up and grossed me out (can you just imagine the motivation required for that artistic feat????? Ugh!!). 'Tis the Season! Sarah in K'port

  9. Clever: Shot gun shell nativity
    Worst: This was tough as they are all pretty horrific, but I am going to go with the baby in the fishbowl/snow globe, with the dragon one and the Irish one close runners up!

  10. This is hilarious, never seen anything like it. Here are my guesses:

    Worst: meat nativity
    Clever: shotgun nativity

  11. Morning! My guess for the worst one is the meat nativity set - just disgusting. But as for most clever, I had a few, but decided upon the cupcake one - b/c it has multiple functions! Thanks for sharing!


  12. The absolute worst is the bacon... It looks so disgusting!!! The most clever was a little tough... The smores??? The earrings are beautiful!!
    tribespider at yahoo

  13. These are an absolute hoot! The worst I would have to say is either the meat or Spam so I will go with the meat because baby Jesus should never be a sausage! I must show JCW the meat nativity for as gross as it is he’s gonna love it! The most creative is soo the shotgun shell nativity. xx

  14. snow globe nativity and the flogging of jesus lawn "ornament"


    love nativity pyramids, the mom of my childhood bff had lots that came out this time of the year... is it okay that I like them 5% b/c of the scene with cousin Eddy in Christmas Vacation?! ;)


  15. You have lovely taste. The people who envisioned the naked troll doll nativity...not so much. Blech.

  16. I'm going with the meat Nativity for sure! Although I will defer the win to the next player given my relationship with Allie.

  17. I've been wanting one of those for years but they are hard to find. As for the worst nativity, I have to go with the carved spam version. Just plain yucky!

  18. Naked troll doll, all the way! The worst. I wouldve said the butter, but that's a lot of work and skill put into that one.

  19. Worst: Irish
    Clever: Shotgun

  20. Ours is a candle carousel chime of Scandinavian heritage, called an "Anglaspelet" where lighted candles create an updraft which rotates the carousel and rings the chimes.
    Germans first carved these as wood carousel toys, not originally incorporating chimes.

  21. OK, What would Alice think? Well, I think you would think the "meat" nativity scene was the worst (as I do). The most clever ....hmmmm, you would have thought the white cats were pretty cute but then, as far as creative, there was spam and the shotgun shells...I think you would have given creative points to the shotgun shells.

    Very funny post...sort of a 'what were they thinking (or drinking)' kind of thing!

    Warmly, K

  22. OMG ... I will say those were um scary at the least.

    I will go with the meat nativity and the flogging of Jesus.

    I did laugh a little ... ok, a lot!

    xoxo MPM

  23. First of all, I have not read the 20 prior comments because I didn't want to alter my opinion, but I can't wait to go back once I post.

    Worst: Kitchen timer nativity

    Clever: Cupcake topper nativity

    Man, was this hard. I went into this thinking it would be a piece of cake, but WAY too much kitschy horror/delight. So hard!

  24. These nativities are too funny! It's actually very difficult to pick the absolute worst. I'm tempted to say the one carved out of spam but many other commenters have already guessed that. I'm gonna have to go with the Mexican mermaid one. That one gets stored in a closet and re-put on display every year, at least with the spam one you can throw it out after a few days.

    As for the most clever I'll go with the shot gun shell nativity.
    Great post!

  25. Naked troll doll is the worst. The cats ate the most clever. Am I right?

    The pyramids always make me think of the Christmas Vacation movie. Love.

  26. I think the worst is definitely the spam, followed closely by Mary and Joseph as children holding a baby, baby Jesus. In fitting with my new favorite pastime, my favorite is the shotshell scene.

  27. The worst is most definitely the kitchen timer. I thought of you when I saw the shotgun shell nativity and I am sure you like the S'mores too!
    My mother had one of those spinning heat-activated brass things with angels and candles and it chimed as it spun. It drove me crazy. I do not know what they are callled.

  28. Haven't had time to look at all of them but wonder what kind of wacky weed one has to be smoking around the campfire to think "hey, let's make a nativity scene out of s'mores!"

  29. Meat Nativity followed by the Spam.

  30. Oh the Spam one at the end - it looks like someone's insides.

  31. I love these German carved wooden classics! We have a large one at my Grandparents that I believe they fot at Christmas market in Germany or Switzerland and a small one at my parents. Also, Caspari in Charlottesville has them for sale every year!

    The Spam and Meat were scary ! Ha

  32. Yay for Amber. This was both fun and funny.