13 December, 2011

Entrance Table Christmas Face Lift

Before Kimba left she made me promise to post about the face lift I gave the front table for Christmas...

Ya mean the the face lift Greenwich Orchids gave the front table? All I did was fund the container and amaryllis pairing...

And, dump the cranberries into my Nantucket Hurricanes...

Thank goodness at least one of my holiday tablescapes required minimal execution cuz the round the clock guarding and maintenance of my cyclamen and paperwhites has become a bit much...

Yup. Nothing like rounding the corner after sweeping, swiffering and steam vac'n the joint to see this mess...

I'm like Buford Pusser patrolling the place with a dust pan and broom holstered around my waist...

Looking to catch and break up the criminal element responsible for these heinous acts of destructions...


Kindness of one Miss Lollycakes who will please allow the cyclamen and paperwhites to at least make it through the 25th. Lest she find some coal in that li'l stocking of hers...XXOO


  1. I just love the amarylis container! Did the come with the bulbs? If not, would you share where you got it?

  2. At least you have a culprit, there's just two of us and I am forever hoovering and scrubbing the floors.

  3. I'd check the orchid arrangement too...seems to me there were a few broken twigs lying around the bathroom sink and suspiciously, Lolly was giving me that same look. Many thanks for a wondeful weekend in Greenwich!

  4. I bought that gorgeous container at G'wich Orchids and asked them to plant the amaryllis in it. And, yes Kimba, I found Leeel's li'l twig collection when cleaning the bathroom yesterday. Lumps of coal I tell ya...XXOO

  5. This is my favorite arrangement yet! Nice work, ladies.

  6. Which reminds me...my huge hurricane lantern thing broke - must look for a new one tonight!

    Your flower are gorgeous!

  7. Buford Pusser.........haaaaaaaaa
    leeeeeelssss, naughty naughty!!

  8. I love the arrangement! Too gorgeous!

    {Also, I finally got a Kroozie for my bike! {and a basket and bell as well} I just wanted to say thanks for the little info on how to cut the liner to make it fit 3 sizes, and also, if you get a lot of hits on that post it's because I linked my review on Amazon to you!}

    XX Mrs WASP

  9. The front table looks GORGEOUS! How could that sweet, adorable furry face possibly the be culprit??

  10. Alice,
    The front table looks lovely...cranberries, what a good idea. And now for that darling face. What a look....saying 'I can't help it I'm a cat, but I love you and I know this is not a good thing I did.' This being the reason that there are not living plants in our home. (And then there's the delightful issue of eating the leaves - the rest to your imagination).


  11. Ahhh, if only 'twas left to my imagination...XXOO

  12. Gorgeous, Alice! As always, your taste is impeccable. Even if your kitty is a little naughty...XOXO

  13. I love how you used the cranberries! And I can't see what mess Lolly has been making - is it my eyes or am I developing cat-owner-blindness?

  14. It's COB. Take a closer look at the munched upon leaves. See all the teeny tooth punctures and nibbled edges? And, ya can't miss all the dirt! XXOO

  15. But how could anyone be upset with the precious little face?