01 December, 2011

Queue The First Stocking Suggestion...

I have searched high and low for my CKB credit card wallet to organize my *B list (not wallet worthy) cards housed in the whip console but, it appears to have vaporized. And by vaporized I mean, more than likely sitting at the bottom of either Emma or Hilbilly's purse... 

I lost interest in that li'l Nancy Drew project the minute I spied Smathers and Branson's needlepoint credit card wallets and redirected all energies into choosing which one was most whip worthy. My initial instinct was for my fav, the red fox...

But, the lobster would be in keeping with the whip's red, white and blue colors...

While the crab would cover both it's colors and watershed theme. This is where Babe says, are you sure you want people to know you're crazy? Because, you knooow assigning 'colors' and 'themes' to cars isn't normal...

Pshaw! I don't care. Why do you think I wanted the Goyard tote in white and why I'm holding out for the vintage blue and white Connecticut plates? Which leads me to the center monogram option in these custom colors, natch...

Maybe, I should default to good ole camo and, you wouldn't even know it was there breaking color rank...

*Blockbuster, car wash, gym, Staples/CVS/Dick's Rewards cards, coupons, ect. Although, the thought of having a stable of credit cards like one reader assumed does make me feel kinda warm and fuzzy all over..

Kindness of everyone for not judging my obsessive compulsive, color themed self. Also, whichever blog I originally spied the Smathers and Branson credit card wallets on. That memory ran off with my CKB wallet but, I'm gonna guess it was either here, here or here. Let's see how those odds pay out...XXOO

*Welp, they didn't. Merci beaucoup Sweet Southern Prep for the reminder and idea ♥


  1. You may have relocated to Connecticut but you're a Maryland girl, Allie, and Maryland is for crabs! So my vote goes to the needlepoint crab credit card case! (I loved those vintage Ct plates too.)

  2. Oh, these are really nice! I would have a difficult time deciding. Let us know which one you picked. The fox is a front-runner.

  3. I say stick with the whip/Goyard color theme and do the crab CC wallet...my plates my or may not match my car and it was so coincidence! I have the American Flag CC wallet and luvs it! xx

  4. My vote is for the crab! You are a Maryland girl forever.

  5. Allie,
    You have solve an organizational dilemma for me once again. Now I know how to lighten the load in my wallet without worrying I will caught with our. I am going to step out a bit and vote for the "good ole camo" although I completely understand the need to coordinate

  6. I still stuck on the "B list (not wallet worthy) credit cards". That's waaaayyyy too many cards! Cancel the cards and save the proce of the wallet.

  7. I'm referring to Blockbuster, car wash, gym, and Staples/CVS/Dick's Reward cards ding dong...XXOO

  8. Love this. And I do the same thing... I just really like everything to coordinate... ha!

  9. That website is nothing but total danger! I have a few of their key fobs and spied a belt -- the Parsons Stripe -- that is going on my list ...... like pronto! I'm a thumbs up for the crab. Pay homage in that supercute Gucci number on the passenger seat to you home state! It will look great floating around in there ;)

  10. It was right here, ma'am. Now that you bring them up, must be a calling I need the little red fox in my life...to match my mallard duck key chain. Perfect...off to order it. Thanks! PS Doing a post on StyleMint tomorrow...joined after you posted about it awhile back. Did you see the new pink Wilshire top? Ordered it today. Im guessing they'll sell out fast...