09 December, 2011

2 Candles For Ledbury And 20% For You

I've mentioned on multiple occasions just how much Babe and I love his Ledbury shirts. Every single time I lay one out for him in the morning he says, man this is a nice shirt as he's buttoning up. They truly are one of thee best finds in my three years of blogging...

So, if y'all are contemplating drinking some of the Ledbury kool aid, now's the time to do so...

By the by, Ledbury partnered with the Wiley Brothers to craft the Free Union belt which was also a Garden and Gun Made in the South contest award winner...

Yup, the iiinfamous Wiley Brothers of hoof pick belt fame. It's a requisite accessory when living in C'ville...

And, I've got my fingers crossed they'll be rolling one out in black...

Kindness of Maxminimus who is fooorever singing the youonlypostgirliestuff blues for taking note that I had not one but, TWO posts dedicated to guy loot this week. Two AND a half if ya count the Whiskey Rocks and oyster knife from yesterday. I'll be taking my thank you in Butt Police holiday credits s'il vous plait...XXOO 


  1. I have my hoof pick belt on today and thought of you and Ole Maxminimus this morning while donning said belt! happy friday. xoxo

  2. Do you really lay his clothing out for him? Comments like that and I will not be able to share with others that I follow your blog regularly. I do pickout, shop for, keep up on fashion for my husband but lay out? Please say this is not so.

  3. Hahaaa...I do indeed but, it's more a function of my controlling personality than anything if that makes you feel better. And, we've usually already arrived at our destination before it hits him that we coordinate or worse, match :)

  4. Hey, I lay out my husband's clothes, too. Mainly, though, because he got tired of my withering glance when he came out of the bedroom, with the inevitable "You aren't really going to wear that, are you?"

  5. So. This means y'all are sending me shirts AND a couple of oyster knives for Christmas. Thanks!

  6. I think it is sweet you lay out his clothes. I only do it for special occasions