08 December, 2011

Naughty AND Nice: In The Kitchen

Time to start rolling out some gift lists and I'm beginning in the kitchen. Here's where Babe scoffs cuz every night when he calls from his office to ask what's for dinner he hears, salad. Hey, a girl could get fat around here if the kitchen didn't shut down during the week. But, all bets are off come the (what's a???) weekend...

No kidding Williams Knife Co won Garden and Gun's "Made in the South" contest. Take a gander at the Edisto Oyster. I'm hoping Babe and I each find one in our stocking. At the very least, I better...

Lots of hoopla surrounding the new, très preppy C. Wonder store in SoHo and with good reason. Only 24 smackerals for this tortie nut bowl that arrived the next day and was surprisingly more substantial in weight and size than I had expected. Fooor only 24 smackeraaals. Wonders never cease...

Santa just has to bring the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook to my friend Ellen. Every September when we meet at the St. Regis before heading out to Montauk she loooaaads up on Milk Bar goodies, such as their infamous compost cookies (gurgle), for the road trip and makes me hate myself come Monday...

Ingenious. I'll have a bourbon and ginger on the Whiskey Rocks please...

Just discovered Edward S. Wohl bird's-eye maple boards and beat Santa to the punch with the 10" x 23" bread board to use for cheese and charcuterie. Sorry Santa Baby, we're entertaining again this weekend...

Only caught the words liquid gold on NPR this evening so the intel's too fresh to have any firsthand experience but, I will be hunting down a bottle of the Leeuwin Estate Chardonnay for moi my parents come sun up...

Kindness of Santa for taking note of how baaadly I want that oyster knife for myself AND Babe. Don't want to find myself backed into some forcedtoshare corner at an oyster roast cuz I'm all biz when it comes to shucking and I don't slow down for no one, no how...XXOO


  1. Aw shucks....So, do you have oyster plates too?
    Wow, what a knife and a bowl and a bottle.
    So many good stocking stuffers and things to stuff me up over the holidays....I adore oysters,

  2. Alice,
    As always, food for thought...love the bowl. What a great hostess gift (for me).
    Don't you just LOVE Gun and Garden! And Julia Reed! I wish I could have a drink with her.

    Warmly, K

  3. I love the bowl. And do I spy a new NP project from the wonderful Village Ewe in the background? The canvases I ordered from their J Child trunk show a few months ago just arrived last week and I can't wait to get started!

  4. I'm happy to hear you like the bowl...I just ordered it & a tortoise tumbler too!


  5. Saw that knife in G&G as well - beautiful piece of work. Love those whisky rocks, too. Perfect for bourbon over the holidays. And, last but not least, LOVE the C. Wonder bowl - fabulous. Have fun with the loot you scored!

  6. You should always judge the quality of the wine by the beauty of the artwork on the bottle. Or is that never..........

    That knife is seriously awesome.

  7. hubs bought my dad the whiskey rocks for christmas. ingenious, indeed!

  8. I went to C Wonder in SoHo and they really do have some great stuff! Love that bowl.

  9. Am now officially obsessed w C Wonders- thanks for sharing- such a great variety and reasonable price point- you solved a few of the "wtf do I get for them" tid bits I needed to pick up!



  10. Gushing..........xoxo
    i perused that cookbook last weekend in the kitchen, gotta luv that we have the recipes now!!

  11. You got the bowl sooo fast...I have never shucked a oyster but I would if I had that knife! xx

  12. Love the idea of the whiskey rocks! I'm now craving a bourbon and ginger... brings me back a few years! Any bourbon your favorite? Always looking for a reccomendation...

  13. Woodford Reserve, Evan Williams Single Barrel, Elijah Craig 18 years and goooood ole Jack. Technically a Tennessee whiskey but, pohtahtoh pahtahtoh...XXOO

  14. Glad to hear that you can bend the rules too! :) Thanks for responding!

  15. I love that C Wonder bowl! Heading over to the website now to check it out! Thanks for sharing :)