12 December, 2011

Drive-by Holiday

The bff is in town for a long weekend and we're 2 glasses of savie deep heading out to dinner so, briefly checking in with some holiday eye candy...

We've packed as much as possible into the past couple of days including torturing our husbands by holding them hostage in MacKenzie Childs...

Kimba and I could, and have, spent countless hours in MacK, especially when it's all decked for Christmas...

Babe's threshold began and ended with helping to choose this year's Little Stinker Woodland Ornament...

I saw his and Bryan's eyes start to glaze over right around the time Kimba and I sat for our Victorian silhouette portraits...

They unglazed long enough to roll when I pointed out the Piccadilly Chicken Casserole I'd like Santa to bring me...

But, I knew better then to give him a heads up on the pair of Stocking Hooks I've decided we need...

Pshaw, Bryan only wishes he was getting off so easily. Guess that wemadeitpastVanCleefandArpelswithoutgoingin sigh of relief was a bit premature...

Kindness of Kimba and Bryan for making the trip up to visit us during this very busy Christmas holiday. I hope the Ina Garten and Kathie Lee Gifford sightings made up for the fact that we're sending you home sleep deprived and just a few lbs heavier. Allow me introduce you to detox Monday...XXOO


  1. The candy cottage is on back order. Dang.

  2. Ina sighting!?

    I must check out this store! I have been hoping to find some dishware just like that!

  3. Babe needs to get a silhouette himeself to go along with yours!

  4. Alice,
    I love your silhouette! I just came across my childhood silhouette and took it to be reframed. It is a lost art...it seems to be coming back in popularity,though.

    What a fun day (for you)...Jon would have just found a chair and fallen asleep.

    Warmly, K

  5. You know that Jeffrey has a place in Southport... ah yes, I bet that gets you back here! :) xoxo

  6. What a gorgeous store! I could get into serious trouble there.

  7. After receiving the MacKenzie Childs Christmas catalogue, I decided that next year I will have a MC Courtly Check theme in my kitchen! LOVE the photos!

  8. We saw Ina and Jeffrey on a NYC street corner waiting to cross. He had his arm around her and they looked happy as larks...XXOO

  9. I saw Jeffrey in LGA on Friday...he's adorable.

  10. That silhouette is so gorgeous! Loving the skunk ornament... is it too late to amend my Christmas list?!