19 December, 2011

All In The Name Of Skinny

Added a couple new items to the lineup this weekend...

First was an expedited pair of the Under Armour ColdGear Frost Compression Tights...

Sorry Santa but, I didn't think I could tolerate one more early morning, long run with that bitter wind whipping off the Sound while I waited on your chance delivery...

And, the second was the insert angels breaking out in glorious song Run Tracker -GPS app...

After recently selling the unused Garmin I strong armed Babe into giving me several Christmases ago at a $300 loss on eBay, I was on the verge of losing all credibility AND purchasing privileges by buying another one...

This li'l  $1.99 app saved me TWO decimal points in cost compared to the new watch I was eying, was sooo simple to use and, no deAmExing by Babe...

Kindness of the bff's husband Bryan for the heads up on the Run Tracker - GPS app. Can I just tell you how mentally skinnier I felt on Saturday once I discovered that our Tod's Point running route was actually 8.6 and not just 8 miles? We're talking a Versailles croissant. A Starbucks Mint Mocha with whip. And, if it's not, don't tell me cuz Idon'twannaknow. That's my story and I'm running with it...XXOO


  1. Haaardlyyy. Stock pic off of google images. Our Saturday morning run pace was very modest as Babe is nursing a perineal tendon insertion injury. But, hey, fine by me cuz the longer you run, the more calories burned...XXOO

  2. I have those Under Armour tights-- Love them. I know that saying anything better than Lululemon is practically a crime against women, but...they are!

  3. I've got the same tights for the wind whipping off the Sound on this end of the map too! Love them. I'll definitely check out the Run Tracker....my garmin 310XT gets heavy after about 8 miles. Keep on running! :-)

  4. That app is genious. Just bought it! Maybe I need the tights, too...getting a bit nipply out here on the Prairie.

  5. Please consider the Lululemon, they really are the best, however, underarmor does cold gear well. The gps app is very good, have been at many a party wi people raving about. My brother currently training for a 50 mile run in CA, yes correct, no type-0, all in hopes of making time for a 100 mile run. One of those cross fit super fits that I only dream of being. Enjoy both, run like a girl!!!!!

  6. Thanks for this! I just bought the app. Now I have a question -- how does your playlist for running look? Any recommendations?

  7. Ugh, my playlist sooo needs updating. You should swing by the Tory Burch blog, she always posts great playlists...XXOO

  8. Theses tights look like winners. I'll check out the app.