07 December, 2011

Nancy Drew And The Ivy Mystery

Last weekend, Babe was on the verge of self combustion as he tried in vain to corral Amy and me in the Yale bookstore for we were well behind schedule leaving New Haven and, had a dinner to host. As Amy went in one direction in search of a book, I went in another on the hunt for the perfect sweat pant leg opening...

So, when I spied this jacket from the checkout line I'd been escorted to there was nooo WAY the border collie Babe was gonna allow me to break free from the herd to inquire...

The best I could do was furiously snap pics and hope I could find it online for Babe. It had to be Barbour, right?

Wrong. Nary a Barbour with that shoulder stitching...

'Twas time to launch a full Nancy Drew and the Ivy Mystery investigation. Yeeeaaars of being obsessed with the girl detective has paid off in spades. I am a sleuthing wonder. A ferreter extraordinaire. A dog with a bone...

 Et voilà! It was Ralph Lauren...

In the Yale bookstore...

With the side tabs and back vents. Case solved...

*Ralph Lauren is having another 40% off Fall sale that started yesterday. The case on the docket for tomorrow: does it include my jacket find?

Kindness of everyone for understanding that I have finally reached a point where I can no longer respond to most of the emails I receive. I can promise you that they will all still get read and, that I am extremely appreciative for and love receiving every single one. But, alas, I have discovered that I can not do it all and, with the help of my dedicated team of therapists, Dr. Fancypants, Pilgie and Lolly, I'm learning that the world will not end if I don't cross every "t" and dot every "i". So, please, keep writing, tweeting, sending messages and Words With Friends requests but, forgive me if you don't hear back. I've got some past neglects that need tending...XXOO  


  1. I'd like that jacket for myself (look away, hubby).

    The longer you blog, the more people will read, the more they will have something to say. I agree with your "team". Keep your blog fun for you, as well as your readers.

  2. Alice!! I'm checking in at the right time, my friend! Devon has this jacket from a few seasons ago...RL and all - it's fab : ) Tres impressed with your sleuthing skills...hope you're enjoying your J. Crew blazer! Miss you! xxKelly

  3. Haha! I love investigating... I did the same thing with a dress recently. I didn't get the right "vibe" to ask where it was from so made it my mission to find it online.

  4. I got the J.Crew army green quilted coat that's very similar to this one, just a couple of weeks. When I went searching for it online yesterday, to perhaps nab another one, in another color...they seem to be gone, off the site!

    Love this RL one though. Perhaps the hubs and I can get ones to match?? Fingers crossed it's included in the sale...for your sake...and mine!

    P.S. Have you seen the Loren Hope cocktail rings everyone's been raving about. Pre-ordered the coral one yesterday. They seem to be right up your alley!

  5. I got that exact jacket for myself at the Ralph Lauren OUTLET over columbus Day weekend. They had it in the green color and the tan. Was at least 50% off normal retail and I am sure there was an additional % off. Let me know if you need help in sizing, locating etc. It came s,m,l and I was between the small and the medium (I am usually a 4/6) but went with the medium b/c the sleeve length was on the short side. Good luck - it is adorable and I wear it all the time - more than my burberry.

  6. This is hilarious! I must show this to hubs, he's been banging on about a quilted jacket that's not Barbour - I bet this is it. Well done Nancy!

  7. Your Nancy Drew reference brought back a long ago memory....I always used to refer to my best boyfriends as "Ned Nickersons"

  8. Next time just shop with me...I'm not shy about asking people about their clothes :O) You could've had it ordered before leaving the store!

  9. Ms Alice the oh dear stalker! Personally I prefer the Barbour version over the RL version, I think it's way to short! would look better on the lady folk!PS Beretta has a nice quilted jacket also, I believe there is a picture of the Beretta jacket in the "True Prep" book, its the pic of the guy wearing the Oakley sunglasses, khakis and Belgians!

  10. You seem like an intelligent, sophisticated woman, which is why this sentence jumped out at me:

    "Babe was on the verge of self combustion as he tried in vain to corral Amy and I in the Yale bookstore."

    At the risk of sounding pedantic, it should be "Amy and me." I raise this point because many people do pay attention to grammar and upon reading or hearing this, label you immediately as an uneducated, somewhat lesser person, which I know isn't the case.

  11. Hello there! I too was searching for this jacket (for myself), but the men's sizing was just huge on my frame... so the saleswoman at our local boys shop (Roberts) suggested the boy's version! Needless to say - I bought it ($100) and it is FABULOUS! I purchased the XL (I'm a size 2 with broad shoulders),and it comfortably fits my size 4 mother too! Here is a link to the online site: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11876725&origkw=quilted+jacket&kw=quilted+outerwear&parentPage=search

  12. Nice sleuthing, I was a huge Nancy Drew fan too! Now for the important question...did you find the perfect sweat pant you were looking for? ;-)

  13. Seriously? You are too busy to respond to email and comments? You don't have a job and all you seem to do is buy things and then blog or tweet about it. What else DO you do? Someone is getting too big for her britches.