27 May, 2010

Flower Moon To Usher In Memorial Weekend

Since tonight is a full moon I thought I'd rerun a popular post from last summer. Pretty soon y'all will have these committed to memory...

Several Kate Spade agenda's ago, I learned that Native Americans assigned names to each month's full moon. Gotta love an educational day planner...

January - Wolf Moon

February - Snow Moon

March - Worm Moon

April - Pink Moon

May - Flower Moon

June - Strawberry Moon

July - Buck Moon

August - Sturgeon Moon

September - Harvest Moon

October - Hunter's Moon

November - Beaver Moon

December - Cold Moon

And, every 2-3 years there's an extra full moon in a single month referred to as a Blue Moon. The term "blue moon" is also used metaphorically to describe a rare event. As in, "once in a blue moon Allie thinks of things other than shopping and chocolate". Did I mention it only comes around every 2-3 years?

Kindness of Kate Spade and her penchant for adding trivia to her yearly refills. This is the kind of abstract information that keeps me afloat during games of Trivial Pursuit with Babe and his smartypants friends...XXOO


  1. I love this sort of information! It is great for cocktail parties etc!

  2. What fun information! I like the idea of the pink moon and the strawberry moon next month. xoxo

  3. do you see a rabbit in the moon? or a man in the moon?

  4. Love that my birth month is Strawberry moon, but too bad my sweet daughter's is Worm Moon. :(

  5. thanks for passing this along- love that my sis and I were born under the Pink Moon :) Knew about November's moon, but only b/c a deliciously naughty rowerboy informed me ;)!



  6. There is a full moon every month? I better get a better planner.

  7. I agree with suburban princess.
    This is great information to drop at a cocktail party or if you are seated next to a boring dinner partner. It's fascinating info.
    Thank you and have a very heppy weekend. Love to Pilgie and his new friend.

  8. Aaaah - love this info about the Blue Moon. I'll remember this for your next blog contest, which I expect to win!! ;-) You're the best. xoxo

  9. I'm adding this to my repartee. Random information has gotten me out of so many akward conversations. If they don't think I'm totally lame, thinking I'm "quirky" or "eccentric" usually keeps them at bay.

  10. Ang it was beautiful last night!