26 May, 2010

Give That Squirrel A Tony

Poor lil Pilgie's heart was broken when we lost our beloved Templeton and he spent many a day staring out the windows longingly. That, broke our hearts...

Enter one very talented, slightly orange striped squirrel who began appearing at these windows and putting on one helluva cabaret act to cheer up our boy. He tapped...he sang...he did comedy...I once even spied a top hat and cane.

Pretty soon Pilgie was looking out the window for a different reason each morning...

And, pretty soon we found the way to, our new friend, Tigger's heart...

It's a pretty inexpensive ticket for such a fine act...

And, Pilgie feels so proud to be able to give something in return...

I suspect though, peanuts and Tony Award winning acts aside, these two are really in it for the friendship...

Cuz the matinee that's performed each afternoon in the trees is gratis. Our peanuts are no good at this show...

Kindness of our new pal Tigger who has been keeping the whole family entertained. I think he's been moonlighting as a surgeon cuz he has sewn up the hole that was left in Pilgie's heart...XXOO


  1. What a sweet, adorable story! Thank you for sharing this and brightening my evening!

  2. Yay for Pilgie and his new friend!

  3. we do the same thing with our little 'nutkins' as we call them. I will so miss them when we move to AZ, them and the fox family that live at the end of the garden. I have the delights of rattle snakes and mountain lions to avoid in a few weeks. Movers are here today...frantically trying to catch up with everyone and hold tight to my mac for fear that they pack it up.

    Have a great week my darling.

  4. One of my favorite posts. You have a way with words.
    I had a visitor, Chip, the chipmunk appear at my window and stare at me, it was so endearing. Chip stepped into my heart. Then my printer sent me a wonderful obit on the man who invented the "Chip"witch cookie ice-cream sandwich. Clearly a sign to draw some little creatures or have a treat.

  5. I love Pilgie's new bestie. Glad he is feeling better. xo xo

  6. How sweet that your little one has a new friend! My cats love to watch squirrels, too.

  7. Very sweet story to read in the morning!

    Thanks...and my kitties are very happy that Pilgie has found a new friend!

  8. Awwwww that's too sweet! We feed the squirrels too and the blue jays, cardinals etc etc and they are so much fun to watch!

    I wrote about a funny squirrel moment last year...


  9. this is adorable! monty would be climbing the walls trying to get outside to chase that squirrel. also, love pilgie's haircut.

  10. You got some amazing pictures, we just love that Pilgie has a new pal. :)

  11. That is totally awesome! I love that you find the extraordinary in everyday life.

  12. Allie,
    Pilgie's pal reminds me of a black squirrel who would entertain my late cat Edwina during the last summer of her life. After she died, her squirrel pal looked completely lost. I wanted to adopt that squirrel!

  13. By writing about Pilgie's
    mended heart you have touched my heart. I'm glad Pilgie has found a new friend. Here's hoping Tigger sticks around for a bit.

  14. So glad that Pilgie has a new buddy to while away his hours. I like to imagine that they're sharing tail grooming tips - seeing as they're both the proud owners of great puffs of fluff.

  15. I had to re-read this again today. Makes my heart sing. xoxo