21 May, 2010


Yesterday I did a minor thinning out of my closet and this is the pile of unworn Calypso, Lilly and CK Bradley that was absconded by a niece that shall remain nameless (drops chin like Brick from The Middle) emmaaaa...

The only two items that survived the pilfering are this brand spankin new, never seen the light of day, size 44/8 Melissa Odabash Fiji bikini...SOLD!

And, this size 8 Lilly Pulitzer Jubilee shift that I love but, is too big for me. Also, holding an empty dance card. If any one's interested in either for the bargain basement price of $75 per please email too lazy for eBay me. Free shipping to a good home...SOLD!

Instead of hassling with updating my eBay sellers account I hope to be trotting up to the beach for some PTH's with my new VC&A and Dara Torres books...

For those of you in G'town, still counting down the days til the hood pool opens, be sure to swing by Sherman Pickey for the Jack Rogers trunk show and a chance to meet theee Steven Stoleman of Palm Beach fame. Almost as good as getting your tan on...

Kindness of one track mind ADG for not emailing me to ask if the bikini model is included in the price. I think there's a pony tailed bathing beauty ripe for the pickin over at K.S. Anthony's pool. And, the bff Kimba for my much appreciated VC&A prezzie...XXOO


  1. Alas, that vision of loveliness has not returned. Instead, springtime storms to keep all but the most intrepid away from the pool.

    Good luck with your non-eBaying!

  2. Loving your closet, would love to see what you kept!! The blue dress, adorable!

    Art by Karena

  3. I am sure someone will take the Lilly but for future interest, you can get them tailored - I have a closet full of fun summer clothes I am in the process of getting taken in, shortened or tailored. Including lots of Lilly!

  4. I might see you at the Jack Rogers show...but I'm actually supposed to be househunting. It keeps me out of trouble, er...theoretically... Why spend $500 when you can save it and drop 100x that on a house, yes?

  5. I'm emailing you now about the Lilly dress! Love it! Thanks!

  6. Don't blame me for appreciating beauty...now about that girl in the bikini....

  7. Goodies from your closet are always such a delight to behold Miss Summer, quite droolworthy to be sure!

    Sending you a big weekendy-kind-of-smile,

  8. let me know how the fast goes -- I'm tempted to buy via Amazon and compare notes!

  9. @Suburban- I do the same w/ my Lilly's all the time. At the moment, I am looking for a tailor who will embellish five (yes, 5) shifts with Lily like lace which I, in a moment of, of, of...I don't know what... took said Lilly's to a tailor to turn them into v-necks. Although, I have had these shifts taken in and had the shoulders adjusted, etc., they still do not look right, hence the idea of lace embellishment I should have followed Allie's lead, and sold them on e-Bay. These will end up being the most costly Lilly's ever!

  10. A, so glad your goodies are finding their way to a new home! LOVE that Cali shift - I searched high and low for one of those. Have a vision of me and DH on the beach in a photo - perhaps next year's holiday card? Hmmm....:-) XOXO

  11. Gah! Totally forgot about this trunk show this weekend. Campaign life...

    But good for you, cleaning out the closet and all. I seriously need to do that PRONTO. I don't have enough room to put everything away at once. Good thing I'm always so slow to do laundry/pick up dry-cleaning.


  12. i cannot wait to put on the jack rogers again!! aaahhh

  13. Please give the lady in the bikini my love.