12 May, 2010

Tisk Tisk Yourself Funnyman!!!

Last month when I posted this picture, ADG, in true smartypants fashion, left me the comment, "just noticed vertical blinds...tisk tisk..."

Haaahhh...It's a beach house rental Mister Fancy Slippers and, trust me, there are worse decor crimes being committed in this 70's pad than the verticals. But what, may I ask, is your excuse for having a FOOT TATTOO??? Hellooo Belgian wearing pot, meet kettle...

Predictably, yaaawn, taunting followed with pics of Pier One sisal verticals...diagnosis that my "emotional wobbliness", although mostly grief, was laced with "vertical blindness"...and another below the needlepoint belter about how I could have replaced those verticals with the $$$$ I spent at "bikini town"...

Max, Max, Max (I've dropped the "y" outta respect)...maybe ya should spend less time on your "verticals" skit and a smidge more time on replacing those WIRE HANGERS!!!

Yup, it's aaallll fun and games til somebody needs a sponsor cuz their custom Ralph Lauren pants arrive and they realize they may end up on A&E's Intervention. Don't look at me bub, I've vowed to go cold turkey after my Pucci spree...

And, if you do end up on the 5th floor at Sibley, for goodness sake don't mention that I helped you find the sold out Lilly Daiquiri Pink Ten Ton shorts! Your "fourth cousin in consuming" AllieVonSpendaGrand does not, I repeat, DOES NOT have a problem. I just shop socially...

Kindness of Maxminimus for giving me more fodder than I could ever possibly use. Fortunately, I'm a master story weaver as well as world class consumer. Now, excuse me while I go get under my "rental house viscose-dacron comforter" and go to sleep...XXOO


  1. I think you need a talk show..and I want to be on at least the first week! :)

  2. While the the vertical blinds are certainly the result of a badly appointed beach house rental...don't for a second believe AllieVonshopalot is sleeping under a viscose blend comforter! Her actual bed and its comforter,featherbed,sheets,and pillows deserve a post of their own. xxoo

  3. Oh, I did want to know more behind the vertical blinds in the great land of Allie von spendalot.
    Seriously, vertical blinds are a decor crime.

  4. My argument isn't about clothes with the hubs; he drinks his money, I buy clothes with mine. :)

    And what a neat closet he keeps. Wish I could get my husband to be more "vertical," but his clothes end up more "horizontal."

  5. Greetings from Sibley! (Sibley...for you non-locals...is a swanky little hospital where those with $$$ go to dry out)I've been checked into the "rest-relaxation floor".

    As for some of your wildly speculative accusations... tattoos(freckle)...Patch Madras (seersucker)...they are simply optical illusions and shadows...kinda like how the light becomes distorted when winnowing through vertical blinds.

    All of this aside, I do thank you for brokering my procurement of the Lilly shorts. I'm going to keep them even though they are twenty damn percent poly. Now get that cat cleaned up today.


  6. exsqueeze me ADG they are 100% cotton!!!!!!!!!

    what blasphemy you spread!

  7. I can't wait for the next episode of Allie-ADG Wars! What fun!

  8. Frankly we think your moniker should be Allie von Saving the Economy, and sainthood is not too lofty a reward for said contributions to the country's health. (Although we are horrified about the vertical blinds. Gasp.)

    We're with kp on the radio show!

  9. Ho, HO... I always bring my own comforter to a rental house!! Viscose-Dacron...?? Me shudder.

  10. As my Grandfather used to say: " Fight nice."
    Hilarious exchange you two..

  11. I adooore ADG and every taunt is laced with love. Of the brother and sister sort, natch...XXOO

  12. 39amber....sorry baby but they are 80/20 poly cotton. No worries...I'm keeping 'em. They are already at the tailors...getting alternated.

  13. You two are too much! I cringe to know what crimes of the closet/crib you might discover at the abode of Vogue on the Range! xoxox

  14. Y'all are crazy. Like Pecans fresh off the tree...

  15. This is hilarious! I love the banter, can't wait for the next episode! :-) XOXO

    p.s. Vertical blinds here at our beach condo.....that's my Shopaholic confession! But the windows are HUGE - what else could I do!?!?!?