17 May, 2010

Passing The Belgian Buck

There are now officially no boxes rolling around in the back of any UPS trucks making their way to moi. At least, not at the time of this posting. I'm gonna have to re channel all my shopping energy into gittin my skinny back. Juggling two disciplines at once, oy...

So, I will thank you, ADG, to not wave your Belgian wearing foot in my weak in the knees for Belgians face...

Orrr, pics of your Belgian wearing friend's feet...

Cuz, if I break down and order myself these coveted babies...

And, throw in this pair too because, if I'm in I'm all in. I mean, if I'm gonna have to pay the piper I'm gonna make it well worth the grief...

Unless...do you think Babe would fall for this exhumed $25 a pair advertisement you also felt obliged to send my way?

Highly unlikely, sooo that leaves gathering the above photo evidence and passing the Belgian buck. If I play this blame game juuust so, I could be licking my doghouse wounds in a shoe closet like this while Maxminimus scrambles to clear his name as persona non grata with Babe...

Kindness of ADG who would be wise to keep one eye open while dining al fresco at Cactus Cantina on the weekends. Cuz if there's a drive by Belgian Shoe pelting you will want to sheild LFG. And, your martini, natch...XXOO


  1. Get them while they're hot. I heard once, it's always easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission! :)

  2. But they are soooo pretty!!! I think you need to have them :O)

  3. I always reason with the word "investment." Hey if the shoe fits, buy it! Wow, that closet!!!!

  4. Cute post! I love that dresser and that shoe closet...so much color! Love it!!

  5. Belgians are like books. Procurement of said entities can always be rationalized with no limit on number of units owned, MSRP or frequency of purchases. So, AllieVonBruxelles, why not treat yourself to a pair this week?


    Ps...No martinis at Cactus Cantina...margaritas only.

  6. I agree with pve design. What a good investment. Just think, if you had bought those $25 babies you would be way ahead.
    The closet is a beauty to behold.

  7. my ex-husband used to say I had a spending problem... I was quick to retort he had an earning problem!
    ahhhhhhhhhhh wedded bliss!
    buy both ;)

  8. So, how long are you on spending prohibition? My husband just put me on one. (sob) No Belgians for me right now either. Should we start a support group?

  9. i just love the navy/red ones.. i have several pair and may have to spring for these also... great post..

  10. Could you compare the comfort of Belgians vs. Tod's driving shoes?

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  12. The only pair of Tod's I've ever owned were black patent and they seemed to never break in. Babe called them my "cop" shoes. I'm sure the more supple leather ones are very comfortable but, I am the wrong officer, I mean person to ask. But, I can say that Belgians feel just like wearing slippers. Expensive, pretty slippers...XXOO

  13. The Preppy PrincessMay 21, 2010 at 8:02 PM

    They really are an investment, and since their ads look almost the same today as they did back in the $25 days, go for it! You would be cute as can be in a pair!

    Smiles at you,