28 May, 2010

Meg Carter Doling Out Goodies

Meg Carter is celebrating her success by giving back to us groupies. You can either place an order online, send in a pic of yourself in your Meg jewels orrr brazenly post your pic on her MCD Facebook page (like us) for all to see and become eligible for one of the four $250 gift certificates up for grabs...

Since I got the email alert Tuesday night, as I was headed to bed to watch Glee, I tossed Hilbils my camera and told her to get busy with Emma and their friends who where all getting ready for a girl's night out...

Unfortunately, I had to edit out most those shots the following morn cuz it looked like a girl bomb had gone off in the background of their room with Longchamp, flatirons and Jack Rogers shrapnel everywhere...

So, when at first you don't succeed, catch them on their way out to J. Crew and dinner the next night and try, try again...

My sister Julie, a recent inductee into the Sea Candy dangles club, did not want to be left out and threw her ear lobes into the ring...

Emma and her sorority sister Sally giving the ADPi diamond gangsta sign in their MCD bling...

Poor Sally, she comes for a week of relaxing at the beach and ends up being stalked by a camera. Welcome to the beach house Sally...

Kindness of Meg Carter for such a generous thank you. Standby for eleventh hour entries from the bff and I this weekend. And, also to Samie Danaher and Sally Atwater for being so gracious about being hounded by the paparazzi. You can pay thank me when you win...XXOO


  1. I,too, received this email. I forgot about the contest, but ordered a pair I have been coveting and took advantage of the free shipping. Yay and thank you, Meg Carter!

  2. I think I need to join in on the Carter admin.
    Heck, at least they will be passed down to my daughter so they are truly an investment.

  3. Since we are saving now for the Caribbean trip this year I will not pass on the info to my girls. They spend enough of my money now. They are so cute; they are just like their mother. Trust me when I say, I feel Babe’s pain.

    Any who, when the clan is sunning at the beach, they always tell their friends that “photos will be taken.” My wife has 20 years of beach pictures of all the children and their friends. Please tell Miss Amy that at Casa de OBX all personnel are required to sign a release form before any frozen drinks are made. Works every time…

  4. Sorry, I ment Miss Sally not Miss Amy. And as I am writing and posting the first comment my 20 year old emails me this same post. (She has two BFF's at JMU with the last name Atwater and came across this while doing a search.)

    I am now so going to be enlisted as camera man when I get home today.



  5. Look how that karma worked TWJ! XXOO

  6. Oh yes, that girl is DEFINTELY your sister. She looks just like you with longer hair. But is she as much fun as you, Allie?

  7. Beautiful girls. I would love nothing more than to spend a month at the beach with my sisters and their kids...

  8. leave it to you to fuel my *have* to buy it excuses :)

    and yes, SIV/QBS pool rattin' would be amazing. nothing like getting in core office hours/laps/mags/hot goss/G&T's and that's only the first two hours! will for sure have a moment for you this weekend!



  9. hilarious! i'm an ADPi too...

  10. Was Sally's daddy Lee Atwater? Here in SC that's a big name and I swear she looks like him!

  11. Yes, sweet Sally is the daughter of the late great Lee. And, she really does resemble him. She got his good hair gene too...XXOO

  12. OK, just want to make sure we get all the contestants right: Hilary, Emma, Julie, Sally, Samie - correct?

    I couldn't imagine lovelier spokesmodels!

    Still awaiting that clutch last minute entrance from Ally!