25 May, 2010

How To Wear Your Hermes Twilly Orrrr Party Piece Trick

A couple of weekends ago, while at Amy's for a girls dinner and movie, she mentioned the old Irish tradition of "party pieces" where each guest brings a talent for entertaining purposes when invited to a gathering. Party pieces may include a song to sing, an instrument to play, a poem to recite, a joke to tell or a jig to dance...

Noticing Amy's brand new Louis Vuitton Bandeau scarf still in it's bag I gathered my good guest wits about me and whipped out my "party piece" for the evening; an Hermes Twilly scarf wrist tying trick...

After folding your Twilly in half, lay your arm across the center and then bring the closed side across the underside of your wrist...

Thread the tail ends through the loop of the closed end...

Pull each tail end in opposite directions thus cinching your Twilly or Bandeau...

Flip your arm over, kindly turning a blind eye to my just completed gazillion and one push ups and pull ups bulging veins...

Cross one tail end over the other...

Tie once...

Then twice...

And, voila!

Now you can swank up everything from a Lacoste polo shirt to a linen dress to a jean jacket. Orrr, what you can't see in the above pics, my post P90Xhaustion and 3 miler Nike shorts, Under Armour top and a boatload of sweat...

Kindness of Amy Fahrenkopf for graciously appreciating my lil ole party piece considering the last time she was treated to dinner in Ireland the founder of
The Chieftains played his tin whistle, the lovely actress Sarah Bolger sang Desperado and the president of Ireland recited a poem. Yeah, but can they tie a Twilly? XXOO


  1. My trick for many years was reciting a John Donne poem ('A Hymn To Christ')in an aggressive 'Shakespearean' actor's voice.

  2. love it! you sure have the twilly nilly touch!

  3. LOVE your party piece!! I love the Twilly scarf and mostly wear mine as a headband. xoxo

  4. so adorable! too bad you're not in the TC right now- you'd fit in with my spandex running shorts (spankies!), and sweaty wife beater after my 50 min stairs run and then 10 min of treadmill cooldown!



  5. AHA! Very tricky! Nicely done :O)

    Growing up anytime someone tripped on their own shadow or some such thing my gran would ask if that was their party piece LOL!

  6. I always wondered what those skinny little scarves were for... enlightening!

  7. Love the instruction--and your beautiful twilly!

  8. Love it! I have several skinny scarves and always needed new ways to wear them, thanks!!

  9. How neat is that! Love your Hermes too! Those colors together are perfect!

  10. Looks kinda like those ... shall we say...restraints...that the authorities used on me one time during Spring Break.

  11. JI just found your adorable blog, and I love it! I love the Twilly scarf!

  12. Love it! And as always, you make my laugh with the visuals. :-) XOXO

  13. As soon as I saw this I went straight to the Hermes sight and bought myself a twilly. Love wearing it like this. Thanks!