11 December, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza

The next couple of posts contain a plethora of stocking stuffer goodies. Babe and I have Pierre Deux stockings, not only incredibly handsome but, also constructed to hold lots of loot...

Ren's Moroccan Bath Oil contains rose otto which is known as one of the world's most expensive and revered essential oils. They had me at "expensive" and "revered"...

Something as special as that bath oil deserves to be housed in a William Yeoward scent bottle...

Look what these did for Kelly Ripa...

First spied this cute book mark over at Grosgrain Garage blog annnd turns out she spied it over at Coterie blog. Great minds...

This baby's been on my wish list for years. No rush though, a classic has no shelf life...

Babe and I have an S. Matheson pocket square tucked in a pocket of nearly every coat we own. So special, one even stopped aide-de-camp Lizzie's tears in their tracks when it was passed her way during her bridal shower....

I am true blue to wearing Lauren in fall/winter and Chanel Cristalle in spring summer but, I do own Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir just for the holiday season...

Hard to find Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Orange Medium Cut Marmalade with warm biscuits and tea to sustain you through all of your big present opening...

Where do I sign up to become a member of the Claus Porto soap cult?

Joanie of Belgian Shoe and Paperless Post fame is hoping Santa stuffs her stocking with Chuck Pinnell's sterling and peridot fox buckle. Hope Iggy reads my blog Joanie. I also hope that Santa visits moi...

These B.D. Jeffries enameled Pointer cuff links remind me of my English Pointer Ginger and would make a perfect addition to my collection. I mean, anyone's collection...

Be back on Monday with tons more stocking loot. For now I'm off to NYC to spend a couple special days with Babe before he flies off to Tokyo again...XXOO


  1. All great selections as always. Have a wonderful time in the Big Apple! xo

  2. Lovely trinkets all but I especially love those cuff links even thought I don't have a pointer!

  3. Dear Allie,
    Covet covet covet. I hope Santa brings you everything you are wishing for and then some. Thanks for posting fashionably and faithfully, Denise

  4. Great suggestions! I plan to head to Charlottesville today and will be stopping by And George. I'll be thinking of you whilst I admire all the lovelies! Have a great trip to NYC, does this mean you will be eating steak and spinach?

  5. That soap is wonderful and I love the detail on the cuff links. Have a great time in NYC! xx

  6. fabulous choices. and loving joanie's choice...peridot is my birthstone!!

  7. I would follow your tips faithfully.
    I need to make up my list too.

  8. All fabulous gifts! Enjoy your weekend in the city!

  9. GREAT list! I think I will buy the Physique 57 and have long been a member of the Claus Porto cult. ;-)

  10. The Physique 57 DVD's are great! Those classes really kick your butt, get ready to hurt! haha. I'm at their studio 2x/week but have yet to spot Kelly!

  11. love, love, love pomegranite noir...wearing it as we speak!

  12. have a ball in NYC this weekend and cannot wait to hear more about the physique 57 dvds!

    PS- love that you touched on the MOST important part of the stocking- that it holds LOTS of treats!



  13. This list is great - I may really need to request the fitness CDs. I really need to get in shape this new year!

  14. You need to be the "Gift Suggestions" editor over at Town & Country.

    Now that I see your Hermes belt pic, I think it was what my gal from my I Spy A Preppy post (from last week) was sporting. Petunia pointed that belt out to me.

    Love that you wear Lauren in the winter. I still have my Lauren red bottle from my college days...now that is one old bottle. One whiff of that takes me back to the early 80s. (ahhhh)

  15. How's about some more stuff for us boys please ma'am?


  16. Our kindred spirit strikes again - for at least a decade, I wore nothing but Lauren and Cristalle. Very strange, but I will now order the Jo Malone pomegranate "scent unseen"! You ought to add L'Artisan Parfumier's l'eau de l'artisan, Calypso Mimosa, and Fleurage to your repertoire. merry xmas from your scent twin, Meg Carter