22 December, 2009

Lizzie And Lauren Guest Christmas Wish List Wrap Up

Aide-de-camp Lizzie and Lauren are key fashion figures in my set of young friends who help to keep my signet wearing finger on the pulse of hipness. The three of us happen to be cut from the same preppy, with just a smidge of Pam Anderson, cloth...

Thanks to Lizzie I can now speak Balenciaga bags, Longchamp and John Robshaw with the best of em all while prancing around in a Melissa Odabash teenie bikini. Albeit, more than likely paired with a Petit Bateau tee...

"West Elm Parsons Desk in white..."

"Belstaff leather bomber jacket from J. Crew..."

"Calypso Nuna Shirt in pink..."

"Links of London bracelet..."

"CB2 Halogen Credenza in white. Not a too extravagant list but, hopefully entertaining nonetheless..."

Oh Lauren, let me just say upfront, hair extensions...sparkly gold shoes...count me in! I too was reared by Karen Moore and her leopard print self. And, lest ye forget our first taste of faux locks with the Hecht Company pony tail special ohhh so many years ago...

"Number 1 on my list, which I will not be receiving this Christmas, is the Chanel Baroque Inspired Ring. I received a Chanel turquoise ring from Alex as a 'just because' gift (I know...I die) but, I lost it (he still doesn't know). This one would be a great replacement!"

"Number 2 on my list, thanks to the fabulous Ms. Rachel Zoe, is the Prada book. I can't have a Christmas without adding to my amazing collection of fashion coffee table books. I would challenge most to try and outdo my collection. The Prada book is a 708-page fusion of fashion, art and film with postage stamp-sized pictures of each runway look since 1987."

Now, I know this one may seem a bit ironic, considering how technologically savvy I am, but I know you, of all people, can appreciate my compulsive list making and the feeling of never being organized enough (yes, I think I can thank YOU for this trait, since my whole family thinks I'm insane). Number 3 on my list is the Large Lilly Pulitzer Agenda, filled with prints, die-cut designs, colorful tabs, and so many more fun organizational tools!"

You may cringe at number 4, but you know I'm a sucker for animal prints (it's the Karen Moore in me) and I've been eyeing these since they came out. I will not mention a certain mother who took it upon herself to buy these shoes for HERSELF rather than her poor daughter. Thus, the Snake Print Reva ballerina flat in gold..."

"You are going to laugh so hard when you hear my next request but, my friend Whitney and I SWEAR by Jessica Simpson hair extensions. Notice the above pony tail? It's fake!"

"Anyways, I'm dying for the 22 inch clip in extension..."

I tried to limit it to five but, I have to ask for my face wash products (especially when they are this pricey). Although, many have tried to convert me to Kiehls, I swear by my Chanel Balance products..."

Kindness of aide-de-camp Lizzie and Lauren for occasionally holding my hand while I step out of my preppy comfort zone. I'm like the proud parent who now needs the apartment over the garage...XXOO


  1. I was 25 years younger, I would fight the young lady for that handsome young man beside her. Just sayin'....

  2. Love that bracelet. Mix industrial age with leather and I'm a goner.

  3. I got the snake skin revas for the birthday and let me just say they are my most favorite pair!!

  4. Such a fun blog! Again, I refuse to "join" Google, but cringe at posting as "Anonymous".

    Merry Christmas. I look forward to "reading" you in 2010.

  5. I love the Links of London! And the Lilly planner!