04 December, 2009

Another Blondie Coming In Under The Wire

Last night after I put the post to bed, and was about to do the same with myself, I stumbled across another email from my stable of pretty blond friends alerting me to her stationery find...

I was torn. Do I forfeit my Wednesday night television lineup to rewrite my post to include couture papiér from The Lettered Olive?

'Twas rum Abbi but, your beautiful blondness and fabulous stationer find would have to wait. You were trumped by Cougar Town and The Middle...

But, after quickly perusing their gorgeous goods and sneaking a peek at their blog minutes before my date with the remote control I made a mental adjustment to the queue in my post pipeline. You and The Lettered Olive trumped my scheduled stocking stuffers bit...

And, since we're back on the stationery topic lest I forget to mention good ole Iomoi. I have been defaulting to them for years for the majority of my paper goods including all Christmas and change of address cards...

And, I am never without at least two sheets of their custom return address labels on my person at all times. Lets the person on the receiving end know right off the bat that the sender is someone fancy. That's my delusion and I'm running with it...

While I'm riding this high of delusion, I'll share my insider contact info. Just in case you too want to pretend you're getting preferential treatment, ask for Irene when ordering. She has helped me immensely throughout the years most recently with aide-de-camp Lizzie's lucite tray order...

And, I can personally vouch that being on the receiving end of Iomoi is très nice. Btw, Ali...you wouldn't happen to be blond?

Kindness of Abbi Grier for her graciousness in being bumped by Courtney Cox Arquette and Ali Culver from WI for being such a loyal follower and for thinking of me on my birthday. Quel beau geste..XXOO


  1. I am going to trump you, with your very own pve header becoming your personal paper....of course the cat's meow for me!! ( to have illustrated that!)

  2. Allie,
    Let's seeeeee....hmmmm.
    YES, when I sent that to you, Allie, this mop hinted at: SummeryBlondeWithTheBestOf'Em.

    Not even close, though, to your CrowningGloryOfShimmeryBeachyBlondeness.

    However, the papeterie habits have not been impended in the least, considering these tresses currently say:

    'Tis the season,
    Ali from WI

  3. I adore the Lettered Olive- one of my favorite letterpress drool sites.

  4. I know that if there is justice in this world I will be wrapping presents come the end of this month using elefantine tags...so fancy. Perfect word, that. Fancy. We use it in my family too.

  5. I absolutely adore those address labels. I need them ASAP ... adorable! :)

  6. Love IMOI and Fontaine Murray. Love that bamboo pen!

    LOVE that you watch The Middle (you do, don't you?)..isn't it hilarious? How about that episode where they meet Sue's boyfriend Brad ("is that vintage flannel?"...well, it's super cute!"


  7. Lovely things - and so distinctive! Thanks for the tip. xoxox

  8. Love this stationary. After having serious issue with it am tres jealous I did not have your peeps. But have been saved by preppy paper girl. xoox