23 November, 2011


I've got my li'l cooler of Chincoteague oysters packed and we're beach bound for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend...

Besides a trip to Sea Shell City, to replace a $200 piece of coral that Lolly decided looked better in 50¢ piec-es, the only Black Friday action I plan on seeing is the running of many a Coastal Highway mile in an attempt to combat the the previous night's feasting...

I may, however, reward my long run, or drown my caloric sorrows, in a Black Friday traipse around the ole cyber hood...

An 8 miler combined with the 20% discount just may earn me the KEP green agate earrings...

An 8 miler would also give me plenty o' think time for narrowing down my Devon Baer choices cuz right now I'm torn between the Charlotte Tunic Dress...

And, the Caroline Ruffle Dress in navy.  Hmmm...wonder what a 9 miler would get me?

*Enter "Friday" at checkout on Devon Baer Designs and receive 20% off your order. This bit of Black Friday intel courtesy of TCSK...

Kindness of all my faithful readers. Babe, Pilge, Lolly and I are extremely thankful for all y'all. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and we'll see you back here on Penance Monday...XXOO


  1. I must get the Daphne top! I like the agate earrings too. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  2. I love the white tunic and the earrings.
    Have a great Thanksgiving, it'll be a normal night of beans on toast for me.

  3. Alice,
    Giving thanks for the humor, style and 'the talent' you share everyday. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Warmly, K

  4. Have a wonderful holiday! I will report when I get the Devon Baer ruffle number in the mail! xx

  5. Safe travels and a very happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all right back. Cyber squeeze to the kitties. xoxo

  7. OMG, I NEED the DB plaid ruffle top!

  8. I am tempted to pin all of these images! The navy ruffle is by far my fav-- stunning! Happy Thanksgiving darling, have fun at the beach, sounds perfect.

    All the best, Coryanne

  9. those earrings are GORGEOUS!! maybe i will treat myself.....