17 August, 2011

It's A Navy Blue Moon

When Kelly of Kelly Market said, "And I'm counting down the days to fall when I can wear my favorite navy schoolboy blazer", in reference to theee very same J. Crew number I've been waxing and waning over for several years, I found the pendulum swinging right back to wax...

Of course, the navy velvet version swung right along with it...

Annnd, since the Cailey cord blazer of the same hue hadn't yet left the wax gate, I find myself with a navy blue moon on my hands. And, ya know what they say about full moons; makes Babe people craaazyyy...

Kindness of Kelly Market Kelly for giving the Crew schoolboy blazer her good taste seal of approval. Considering my soon-to-be proximity to Yale, it may be a good idea to step up my collegiate look. When in Rome New Haven...XXOO


  1. Whether one lives near Yale or Podunkville U, a navy blazer is one of life's necessities!

  2. I've never been a huge fan of corduroy or velvet blazers for myself, but all three of these are great. The classic schoolboy blazer is, well, a classic.


  3. love all three of these. my old-school RL one with gold lettering on front pocket is one of my prized possesions ;)

  4. Excuse me, velvet? I think I must have! Unfortunately I'll be "counting down the days" a tad bit longer here in Hotlanta. Until then I'll live through your Yale proximity :)

    x Kelly

  5. I revamped mine with some monogrammed brass buttons my husband had lying around. (Almost) can't wait for fall.

    If you haven't already - get thee to http://www.chanceco.com/products/boatneck and buy the stripey boatneck. Perfect shirt!

  6. clearly we have been fawning over the same Jcrew catalog. I have the jacket, and I am in love with it. I have been eyeing the one in wool for colder days...ahhh

  7. I love blazers, but have always shied away from sporting one myself. I would love to see how you pull it off!

  8. You may want to check the reviews on JCrew Aficionada


    as a number of commenters feel the quality of the wool schoolboy is lacking this year.

    There is a very cute one on sale at EmersonMade!

  9. I was salivating over the classic navy one at the Crew today. Definitely a must have!