24 November, 2009

Two Halves Of One Fashion Whole

There's a reason aide-de-camp Lizzie is, well, aide-de-camp Lizzie. Much in the way Babe and I eerily think the same thoughts at all times, Lizzie and I are two halves of one fashion brain...

Case in point; the Iomoi lucite tray. Literally, the day I make a desk note to order Lizzie, ADC one as a wedding gift I get an email from her saying how she just ordered two to give as gifts and is eying up the Ling with Monkey Orange tray for herself...

Then, last week as fast as the Melissa Odabash New Collection email hit my inbox I was forwarding to my fellow M.O. acolyte:

moi -omg, getting at least one of the bandeau bikinis!
Lizzie -loooove the New York!
moi -the New York is my fav too!
Lizzie -of course!

Then a blackberry exchange in bed late Saturday night:

Lizzie -New obsession! To quote RZ (and I don't usually quote) "I die" www.roarkenyc.com

moi -omg!!! i want the le charot but can't decide which color! i kind of like the grey w/dark beading although i'm initially drawn to the emerald and navy i think this one would be more versatile. how fab would that look w/our st. james t and jeans!

Lizzie -i want the le charot in every color! i love the navy and emerald too, but my first choice would be the grey with light beading. it would look amazing with the st. james t or even just a white tee. i have to have one!

So, at any given time, in the hopeful near future, in separate locales, aide-de-camp Lizzie and I can be found dressed alike in our St. James nautical tees adorned with our Roarke New York le charots in grey. She'll have the light beading, I'll have the dark annnd we'll both still be dreaming of collecting them in every color...

Kindness of fivedaystilshe's Mrs. Casey Lawson, ADC for keeping me in the loop and allowing me to exorcise my clothing obsession without judgement. See ya Saturday night. I'll be the one in Milly and you'll be the one in all white...XXOO


  1. always good to know you have an aide-de-camp or a little hell's-angel causing a little evil fun, like shopping. Wow, just spent so much time over at roarke...

  2. aren't we lucky to have friends that are wired JUST the same way we are?! like you said, there's nothing like best-friend-speak!



  3. I had to come back, you know this has sort of a "grey garden's decorum to it? I think that is why I love it - one part waspy, and one part zany.

  4. Although I can't keep them all straight, I like seeing all your nicknames for animals and people. I had never heard of "aide-de-camp" before you!

  5. Great post! Have you seen the other styles from the 2010 Melissa Odabash Collection!?