13 November, 2009

Book Suggestions For Santa

Here are just a few hints for Santa in the book department. But, for a plethora of fabulous reads that is sure to freeze up your Amazon Wish List swing by Coterie Books. Her blog is like shopping in a Williams Sonoma; you'll want it all...

I do love you Cartier!

Although, I would feel compelled to sit on my hands to keep from ripping out this page and tucking it under my pillow in hopes of dreaming this lil trinket into fruition...

I've also been drooling over the pics featured in the Italian Touch...

Perfect for saying Buon Natale!

Sister Parish, n'est-ce pas?

Ahhh, the venerable Mr. Hicks...I buy anything he or his taste maker daughter India have anything to do with...

My friend Michael Harold's home is featured in The Southern Cosmopolitan. Ronda Rice Carmen of All the Best was fortunate enough to get a firsthand glimpse but, until I'm able to cash in my generous invite, I'll have to settle for admiring from afar...

I bought the first Park Avenue Potluck on the recommendation of Mel and ,will surely follow her suit again in purchasing their newest Celebrations edition to the series...

Lucinda Scala Quinn is the wizard behind the curtain in the Martha Stewart test kitchen. I hit record every time Martha pulls her out in front of the camera for a segment. And, considering the appetite of the man-Babe I feed, this book looks perf...

This treat alert delivered this morning by the lovely Miss Lauren Flowers, whom I can count on to keep me current on all things fashionable. A tear of pride as, once again, the pupil surpasses the teacher...

Kindness of all the names I dropped. I feel special just by association..XXOO


  1. Hello Allie
    You of more patience than I......
    Sister Parish & David Hicks landed on the step a couple weeks ago.

    YES & YES.

    You will love.......LOVE!!


  2. Park Avenue Potluck is here and Sister Parish is on the way. I see some serious One Clicking at Amazon in my future.
    Hope your back is feeling better. What a precious note from Bebe.

  3. Make sure to come back and visit because I have lots more books that you will want to add to your list!

    Thanks for the love :)


  4. These are going on the Amazon list immediately!

  5. I am going to put the Park Ave Potluck books on my wish list! And then demand them!

  6. I want the green necklace myself!
    PS- Hope you survived the bad storm last night!

  7. I do have a few of these that are on your list and you will love them. We have a rule, yes to books.

  8. For some reason house books make my head hurt. But jewelery? Oooh. I even used to read the G page of my dad's encyclopedia. For "gems", obvs....

  9. Fabulous choices. I must have all.

  10. I posted about the Sister Parish & David Hicks awhile back when I first saw them on my Amazon page as recommendations for me. Amazon has gotten to know me so well...


  11. you'll love park avenue potluck celebrations. it's fabulous - i especially love the oatmeal cookies.