09 July, 2009

Margaret Elizabeth Designs

Private jet? Anyone? Anyone? I've got my thumb out trying to hitch a ride to Newport, RI in time for Margaret Elizabeth's Trunk Show at CK Bradley this Friday and Saturday.

I've got my T. Anthony duffel packed...

...and, I'm traveling light.

I figure all I need are a pair of white jeans...

A couple of Ralph Lauren cable knit cashmere sweaters...

A white tee or two...

...and, the Canfora's on my pretty little feet.

That's all I need to provide the perfect palette for all the lovely Margaret Elizabeth baubles I plan to scoop up.

I'll be the Beyonce of Newport swapping out my jewels like outfits as the weekend progresses.

With each stone, pearl and embellishment handpicked by Meg's expert eye, whichever lovely piece I happen to be sporting at the moment will hopefully deflect from the fact that I've forgotten to pack my underthings.

Pshaw! I needed room in the duffel for my new mini Margaret Elizabeth wardrobe that I will inevitably be bringing back with me! Considering Meg is offering 10% off to all Summer is a Verb groupies who show up, it's only natural to assume in multiples.

I'm thinking we should leave Thursday evening to ensure being fashionably early for the trunk show??? Call me...

See you at CK Bradley, July 10th and 11th, 28 Bellevue Ave in Newport, RI. Call CKB at 401.847.9777 with any questions such as, "are there any pieces left after Allie at Summer is a Verb came thru?". And, I suggest checking out Meg's blog to get you in the mood and limbered up for the big event.


  1. The Beyonce of Newport... I am still lol-ing about that one!

  2. You say it so well...charming post.

  3. Oh and let me know if you and a 747 are going...I'd be happy to keep you company on the way...a plane with 4 numbers will do too I suppose!

  4. I was thinking more along the lines of G650. But, alas, beggers can't be choosers...XXOO

  5. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Your beloved Canfora sandals got a shout out in the recent issue of Town and Country's editorial feature about Capri. BTW, ref. the trunk show, I'll take one of everything. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  6. Have fun and shop, shop, shop!!!
    Those last two bracelets are fabulous! We are having our second day of sun here in Maine {second in the past month that is}. And I plan on getting out these and basking in its glory!!!
    After a little inside work...

  7. Be still me heart...that turquois number is divine. And are those bangles or rings. Either way, fabulous!

    I am sorry we missed you on Tuesday. Next time. xo

  8. Wow - how do I get my hands on that third necklace from the top with the gold buckle? Divine!

  9. I had dinner Tuesday night at Cafe Milano (outside). I kept a look-out to see if you were out and about. I am sure I would have recognized you.

  10. Another nice day in Newport today. There's a 40% off sign in the window - - will try and swing by. Do I get another 10% by mention of this blog?

  11. Her work is divine! Xoxo-BLC

  12. Hi Allie - I saw your post about your hunt for the ferragamo flat - I own them in several colors and have never even taken a few of them out of the box - what size shoe are you? I'd be willing to sell you an unused pair or two on the off chance we wear the same size and I have a color you want! email me jessica@thelovelist.net :) Enjoy your Friday!

  13. I'm totally hitching a ride on your jet, okay?

  14. So much going on in Newport, and I'm cluelessly half an hour drive away.

  15. This is such beautiful jewelry. I love seaglass colors, and it reminds me of some of my favorite pieces by Lisa Hall, http://www.lisahalljewelry.com/home.html. I always visit her in Northeast Harbor Maine. Happy summer!