20 July, 2009

Laying Groundwork For Bday Gifts

Last week I was on Amazon trying to track Teague's Jungle Book when something caught my eye as I was screaming through pages. The foreman mouse in my head called for all of the other mice to come to a screaching halt running the wheel that turns the cogs and to throw it in reverse. So, a couple clicks back and there it was, listed under "Recommendations For Me", the sequel to one of Babe's and my favorite coffee table books, VOGUE LIVING Houses Gardens People by Hamish Bowles.

I can hardly wait til the mid November release date for THE WORLD IN VOGUE People Parties Places but, fortunately it's available for pre-order on Amazon. Just in time for a certain looming August birthday...


  1. Absolutely cannot wait for this but really wish they had chose a different couple for the cover... who? I need to think about that...

  2. Will there be a "people parties places" celebration in your August?
    What is the day of your b-day? One of my people has a party in August...

  3. I didn't enjoy the first book all that much, but I'm curious about the second one.

  4. So exciting! This is definitely going to the top of my wish-list! Thank you for sharing. Love your blog btw...just found you!

  5. The man on the cover is perhaps the only one I would throw it all away for so me likey this book already. And let's just say if I can't have him, I still prefer him with Bridget. Back to the book - let's hope this one is more Marina than Mariah.

    I just posted about a book I think you may be interested in (since I saw the laugh-out-loud picture of Templeton? doing his best impression of Little Edie awhile back)...it looks like another great coffee table book.

    P.S. I assume you have Bright Young Things? Also a goodie.