26 April, 2011

Thinking Pink

I'm about one month out from getting my Mrs. Roper meets Pamela Lee on for the summer and I need to start stockpiling the pink to keep me securely tethered in Prepville...

Speaking of tethering, I'd like to start my li'l pink spree with tracking down the reversible Hermès belt strap I spied over at q9y8 blog which would give my H buckle a whooole second season...

Rubis, which I guess is Hermès speak for reddish pink, on one side...

And, Iris on t'other...
After 60 days of Insanity and starvation healthy eating my legs should be Butt Police approved for Calypso's Tori Ikat Shorts...

I've been carrying a torch for these Tod's Suede Gommini mocs in fuchsia since I spied them in Paris. Along with the orange and white pairs...

A pair of the shocking pink J. Crew 5 inchers to add to my ever expanding pile...

And, the Lilly Seamus Dress Multi Dripping in Jewels which I've been stalking for months. Fingers crossed good ole Jack at Lilly will be able to track one down in my size...

And, if I start to stray too far from my preppy roots, I'll always have Summer in Newport to send me pink snapshots of her Twitter screen reminding me my Summer's Verb ilk are the likes of her, Hopsy, Rosemary and Camilla. Nooot so much Pamela...

Kindness of my UPS man for accepting that his vacay ended at midnight this past Saturday. And, QBS, a member of my white bikini wearin' ilk, for the Mrs. Roper Barbie pic...XXOO


  1. Super cute...I am definitely getting ready for summer-although down here is has felt like summer for weeks already!

  2. this happens like every 800 years, 5 saturdays, 5 sundays and 5 july weekends....to sport lots of pink, tan and summer time fun. as always, love all your preppy picks.

  3. I've been eyeing that Saemus too...problem is I really have nowhere to wear it. But those shorts! Now that's another story!

  4. I love those J.Crew shorts but I am not so sure I could pull them off! Wowzer...I had no idea that Hermes did a pink belt strap! xx

  5. I have the pink j.crew 3 inchers...I wear them all the time. Love them!

  6. "Mrs. Roper meets Pamela Lee"...das scary.

  7. I adore those ikat shorts!!!

  8. Oh la la!!! J'adore PINK ... as you know all too well. Xoxo-BLC

  9. The ikat shorts are to die for! I must get my hands on a pair.