08 April, 2011

Missing The Trunk Shows, For A Trunk

Even though I had to regret my FB invite to the Jules Reid/Sissy Yates Designs Trunk Show at Sherman Pickey this weekend, I was secretly holding out hope for a last minute Lenten dispensation from the Pope Babe...

And, planned on using Jules très generous mention of moi in Palm Beach Illustrated last month as my guilt card leverage. I owe her at least a wee Leo in Daisy Stream Turquoise or Wyatt Purple Dot Ikat purchase as an overture of gratitude was already queued up in my playbook...

And, I was even prepared to barter a road trip to Ledbury's Oysters and Oxfords in Richmond for a 2 for 1 trunk show Saturday. Buuut, turns out the Easter Bunny has indeed been doing his arm curls and is bringing me a fancy new car in my basket. And, we don't want to offend that Bunny pre delivery...

Kindness of everyone for giving me a pass on divulging which car til it's actually sitting under the beach house. We have spent a full week tracking down and narrowly missing out on the lone model in the country with our interior/exterior color combo and requisite package and, fingers crossed, just snagged choice numero dos. And, I don't wanna jinx it...XXOO


  1. Congrats on the mention from Jules! You are one of my first reads too. Can't wait for the car reveal.

  2. Wish I could be in Richmond for the Ledbury event! Wait, are you getting a car too?!? Lucky girl!

  3. Ooohh, I love New Car Day! I also love Sequin and Jules Reid. I'm all full of love today!

    OK, my word verification word is INGRATE. wth??? lol!!!

  4. Maybe Jules should be a sponsor here.
    I mean you are a great muse.