06 April, 2011

Ohhh It's Insane Alright

There's a whooole lotta this going on round the beach house and a certain Furman campus apartment two days into our Insanity workouts...

Right down to the curled toes and, not to mention numerous other body parts...

Maybe we'll luck out and sleep straight on through tomorrow's torture...

Kindness of Babe who will start limbering up those massaging hands for an already sore moi...XXOO


  1. Just think of all that insanity to show off this summer!

  2. Poor Pilgie! I am sure he thinks his mommy has gone over the edge!
    The infomercials send me there. Thank goodness for Babe the massage man.

  3. I admit it! I have a serious kitty crush on this little guy. Those curled up paws and that precious face just melt my heart!

  4. Those toes. Melt my heart!!

    P.S. We leave for Europe in 5 weeks. Just nailed down the first five days in London and booked our Pairs hotel last night.

    Any and all suggestions for our 5 days in Paris would be greatly appreciated!!


  5. The best advice I can give you is to cull through my January archives and read all Paris posts. If I did it, saw it or ate it, it'll be in a post. Have a fabulous trip...XXOO

    ps...I would try to squeeze in visits to the Musée Rodin and Versailles if possible. Those where 2 destinations that were sacrificed by the blizzard cutting our trip short. Also, invest in a museum pass and/or ask the concierge at your hotel to get you passes. 'Twill save you hoursss in lines.