22 April, 2011

Some Gwynnie Goodness

Just a li'l GP treat to take us into the holiday weekend. And, if you haven't gotten yourself a copy of My Father's Daughter yet, ya need to hop to it...

Speaking of hopping...Babe, Pilgie, Lolly and I wish everyone a wonderful Easter!

Kindness of my dear friend Ellen Ciciotte for my early morning GP email alert. Unfortunately, your autographed copy of Gwynnie's book is en route via snail mail since the Easter Bunny was unavailable as a Sherpa. Something about throwing his back out delivering cars to grown girls who pretend to still believe in him...XXOO


  1. Looks like Gwyneth may have had some "work done"

  2. love you!! thanks for the shout out and the cookbook!! I love the Easter bunny and Gynnie xoxo

  3. Happy Easter to you all. Thank you for posting Mama Gibson's recipe. I have some eggs cooling in the fridge waiting for big day!
    I made chocolate and lemon (using lemon zest).

  4. Did you see this?


  5. Just heard her track on the new Starbucks album...This Woman's Work...an old Kate Bush 80s fave of mine...when does GP have time to rest??? Happy Easter!!!


  6. You are right, Mainline Sportsman, she does look "as if". But that's not what bothers me. I am irked that Seinfeld canceled an Eric Trump Foundation performance benefiting Saint Jude's Children's Hospital solely because of Trump Sr.'s recent foray into politics. There is no worthier charity than Saint Jude's. Seinfeld action is declasse and completely inexcusable.

  7. Gwynnie is bright, intensely-multi talented and energetic. She lives in the flow. We all should hope to live in our flow and be able to share it with others, whether it is preparing food for our families or donating our time and money to good causes.

    Bravo Jessica and Gwynneth! Mastery is never achieved, but always aspiring to be. Many do not take on the necessary WORK needed to master any ONE thing, let alone several things!

    My favorite quote was in regards to her living in London, but aspiring to be on every episode of Glee!!!