04 March, 2013

History of the Eagles

Babe's gonna start questioning my sanity if he returns home from the office or airport and catches me watching Showtime's HISTORY OF THE EAGLESaaagain...

I've watched the doc three times in as many days and I'm STILL not ready to erase it from the DVR...

Not only were they were my fav childhood band but, it's as close as I'm going to get to realizing my time machine fantasy. Ya know, the one where I get to pack up my current wardrobe, travel back to pick up my 18 year old wild child self and arrive front row and center...

Note to self: don't forget to pack holster and sterling Navajo turquoise belt buckle in T. Anthony duffel but, leave plenty o' return room for snagging Glenn's black E jacket...

Kindness of my Dad for gifting me great albums throughout grade school and Babe for tolerating the endless loop of Eagles mania on both the TV and iPod this past weekend. I prooomise to have it out of my system by the time you return from Cali. Well, mostly anyway...XXOO


  1. Isn't it funny how one song can bring it all back for a week of obsession? And they say smells are the most memory inducing of the senses.....I don't know.

    They look so 'Outlaw' in the photo. Love those bad boys.

    Poor Jon has to go thruough my 'Van Halen/Hagar' weeks. Tell Babe he's lucky.

    Warmest, K

  2. I love watching movies about rock stars.

  3. A woman after my own heart! I adore The Eagles. For the most part I have accepted the fact that I do not live in San Diego (my hometown) anymore, but two things can wisk me back (at least in my mind): The Eagles and Top Gun. The Eagles rule.

  4. Are you back? The blog-world has missed your insight and wit!!!

  5. For the occasional drive-by post ;)

  6. My parents' first date was to an Eagles concert. Love them!

  7. Funny - we watched it this weekend too. Fantastic...DH and I saw them several years ago at the 1st Mariner Arena - fantastic! Always loved the Eagles...I remember buying my first husband the Hotel California album (we were young...but not that young!).

  8. Gotta love this one..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZt4WyrXIpI&feature=share&list=FL7zEQN2ejWeLj6isehFCDkA

  9. Not a huge Eagles fan, though I do like them, but I wanted to comment to encourage you to please keep posting. I understand you're busy, but, I can hope, right?

  10. What if -"no one showed up" - I loved that line. I also love the what if she posted and I missed it.
    Hope life in the fast lane is treating you well darlin,

  11. Okay I always seem to date people who have a connection to things you like. Last year I went out with a guy who is best buds with Don Henley. He attended his wedding in California and was telling me how spectacular it was...with all the musicians who attended and got up and played. I think he even mentioned Tony Bennet being there.

    Currently I'm dating a guy whose father worked on JFK at Parkland. He put a chest tube down inside him. He was one of about 5 in the room for the last rites. He's portrayed in the movie JFK (Dr. Paul Peters)....

    And don't forget my date with Andrew Stevens of Dallas fame! ha.

  12. Oh and the guy with the original Warhols whose daughter is best friends with Lauren Bush's sister Ashley (they went to semester in Spain & roomed together)... the one with the apt on the UES.

    It's been interesting....

  13. Sad day.
    Lilly Pulitzer, RIP. Thought you'd like to know.


  14. Eagles: Not so much for me.
    I'm more a Stones spinner, or Sly, or Allman Bro.s
    p.s. had a short New England humid weather Thunderstorm here in Seattle today.
    Was fun!