24 September, 2012


I know, I know...the fat lady done sang...

Queue the N'awlins jazz funeral and mourning for the death of summer '12...

And, even though I'm not ready to utter that four letter "f" word, I thought I'd better share my recent SAIL to SABLE find before the ship completely sails...

See that kelly green cord number in the middle? It's one of the only handful of select items I'm making room for in my wantfornothing closet over the coming months...

And, if I wasn't being so disciplined, I'd be hunting down and snatching up this winter ooo that tasted bitter white and fuschia one too...

Annnd the red and navy Patriotic Pride for November's big election...

Now, ya see that long white tunic beauty with the turquoise trimming?

And, this Smitten Seersucker one? Yeah, queue those babies for summer '13. There's always room in that closet...

*FYI SAIL to SABLE size conversion chart:
00 - xx small
0 - x small 0-2
1 - small  4-6
2 - medium 8
3 - large 10
4 - x large 12-14

Kindness of everyone for patiently and loyally awaiting my return from this high holy season hiatus. Babe, the Ti-Babes and I had a glorious summer and we're not ready to unload the beach chairs and vacuum the sand out of the whip quite yet. sighhh....The first born Catholic girl in me just hates letting y'all down but, I will only be posting on occasion. You'll never know just how much we truly appreciate all the kind emails, comments and love sent our way. We'll still be here. Just more in a juggling masters swimming/starting Crossfit/loads of travel on the docket/recently dusted off the needlework, craft, reading and cooking projects kind of way...XXOO


  1. We'll take what we can get! Great tunics

  2. Love this post!
    S and the girls in Princeton

  3. So glad you enjoyed your relaxing summer. Looking forward to your posts when you have time!

    ps - I love STS! I find the tunics run very large and the cut also varies greatly from tunic to tunic.

  4. It's always a treat when you check in, and I'm happy to hear your time away has been pleasantly spent. Definitely post about Crossfit when you have some feedback. It both scares and intrigues me.

  5. I am having one of those moments where I don't know wether to laugh or cry. I am so happy you are back but sad that Summer had to leave us.
    Like Mary Anne said, we will be happy with what ever you cat nip you toss our way.
    Always a pleasure to see what you have up your tunic sleeve.

  6. The first thing that came to mind when I saw you had a new post was the scene from "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson: "Here's Johnny" -she's back!!!! and not in a bad way at all - just glad to see you!! Hope your summer was fab, mine was.

  7. Posting now and then is better than nothing at all! Glad you had a great summer, but I sure did miss your daily post. Have fun staying busy!

  8. Loving the red and navy!! Welcome back!! XX

  9. My girl is back! Winter? Oh no, not that word, I love this season but the next one is miserable loathesome grey skies and fat stores. Ugh.

  10. I'm so glad your back. You inspire me:) Write when you can, I'm already looking forward to it

  11. As long as you're happy, we're happy! But it sure is good to see you!

  12. And I was just getting the hang of this fashion thing! I'll read whenever you post.

    Grouchy Old Man