17 April, 2009

Here We Go Again...

Our little prince, Templeton, had an emergency vet visit yesterday for suspicion of a uti (what IS in this G'town water???) and then spent a very looong night throwing up from the antibiotic hourly all the way through til 6:30am. Consequently, mummy and the boys spent the day lazin about trying, once again, to make up for a sleep deficit.

Thank goodness daddy flies in tonight cuz mummy is about to crack.

I think it may even be possible to sleep through BMOC's nonstop incoming emails and 3am calls from India I'm so exhausted. Maybe, just maybe, I can beg off from the traditional "will you please drive me to the office at 7am" Friday. This way I can be nice and rested for my big weekend of dinners, the Lilly trunk show and my trés exciting Grey Gardens premiere.

Remember..."The hallmark of aristocracy is responsibility" Little Edie Beale
So don't forget to set the DVR to HBO 8pm on Saturday night!!!

We've been practicing our Little Edie all day in anticipation.

Must remember to get the fur out of storage in time...

Kindness of Alexandra, for giving me Grey Garden fever, and Templeton and George, for being perfect Bouviers.


  1. Oh, dear, the excitement never ends over at your place. Your cats are the "cat's meow" sporting the hermes head band. Love the artwork in the background...
    I'll be watching - full of intrigue and sketchbook at the ready!

  2. I was first exposed to "Grey Gardens" somewhere around the time we were at Loyola. I was immediately horrified and have been forever fascinated by the story of the Beales. I am sure that you can imagine how thrilled I was when they made a Broadway play (short run ~ so sad) of the story. So, for Halloween of 2006, I went as Little Edie, and my costume was brilliant. I was devastated, however, when NO ONE at the party knew the reference. "Quelle horreur!" Here I was at this party where most of the girls were dressed up as bunnies, maids and whores, and they thought I was a homeless, bag lady!

    I had heard rumors at the time, that there was a film in the makes by my fave Drew Barrymore! And voila! here it is! Thanks for the reminder Allie ~

    Love your ever faithful reader & fan ~ Meggie

  3. i am in love with kitty in the grey garden get up! thanks for following me. i just returned the favor! love your blog! may i ask? i see IVF listed in your (about me section). have you gone through it? we are meeting with an RE next week. last cycle with my obgyn this month! (nervous)

  4. I went half way thru one cycle but the protocol wasn't working for me so they stopped. Getting ready to try a new protocol on next cycle if doc gives okay that my system has rid itself of any residual drugs. I think I may post about this tomorrow so stay tuned. I'm such a novice at this I have no idea what an RE is hahaa...
    But the best advice I have been given by anyone who's been thru it is to keep stress at bay. Stressers release hormones which create a noncondusive enviroment within the womb. Please feel free to email me at any time if you ever have any questions and best of luck! XXOO