19 March, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

With today's passage of the spring equinox come all the stirrings of spring fever and, for this prep, that involves becoming all hot and bothered over building my summer wardrobe and counting down the weeks til I can start working on my tan. My good friend, and way back in the day babysitting charge, Lauren just returned from a jaunt to the Caymans looking so bronzed and beautiful I could die. Seeing her picture was the equivalent of spying the first crocus peeking through the thaw.

Being a creature of habit I rarely stray from my usual suspects (e.g., Ralph, Lilly, Milly, CKB and Calypso) so I had no idea that Alice and Olivia made dresses. Pretty dresses! And Lauren was generous enough to share her shopbop.com source. Talk about the pupil surpassing the teacher! I had to shed a tear of pride.

Kindness of the lovely Lauren Flowers

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