23 September, 2010

Chopper Worthy Snacks

I got really spoiled living in C'ville and G'town with all the fabulous groceries and developed quite a few food habits that I'm now forced to, as Babe says, "chopper in". Good thing the beach house has a rooftop deck for landing the Sikorski...

I bought out every stinkin bag of FEED granola in three different stores at the beach in the beginning of the summer and they have yet to restock. My first shipment was intercepted by Babe while I was frolicking in Montauk...

I actually had trouble finding my fav Maple flavor of Old Chatham's sheep's milk yogurt in DC so that shipping habit goes back a ways...

And, since I'm already paying for the Old Chatham shipping (that's my story and I'm stickin with it) I always have them toss in a few rounds of Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert cheese. Babe can thank Kimba for both those habits...

Brought this recent addition home from Montauk with me after meeting the creator of Kale Crisps on the beach. A pouch of the Cheezy flavor made it back in my T. Anthony but that is long gone. Start up the chopper!

Ahhh...Centerville Pie Company's Chicken Pies. Actually got out of bed the other night to place my pre order after watching Oprah rave about them. Can NOT wait for this delivery...

These Guittard Green Mint Chips just arrived today courtesy of reader I Love Lime Green and hold all the promise of a habit in the making...

Teeters was carrying Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice but, as of yesterday, it was either sold out or no longer on the shelves. Belgian Shoe Joanie has just landed herself on Babe's hit list with this introduction. And, let me tell ya...he will put up a royal fuss over the shipping of this one cuz he can't stand it. Operation carrot juice status: early stages...

Lastly, my newest obsession, Oikos Chocolate Greek Yogurt and fortunately stocked at Teeters. Although, I have been rapidly depleting the stock with my twice daily habit and I don't see it being replaced...

Kindness of Babe for renting us a beach house with a rooftop landing pad. And, also for being out of town during the week so he can't truly gauge all the air time I'm logging...XXOO


  1. those green chips are extremely interesting..I am a lover of all things mint. :)

  2. I was already starving when this popped into my google reader. I guess I need to see if my granola stock is low.
    Oh well, always entertaining, I think of this blog as my 11:30 giggle. Thanks!

  3. Have you tried Bear Naked granola? It's my personal fave and they will ship to you, too.

  4. Allie dear,
    If provisions are low/depleted and choppers are otherwise occupied and you feel like whipping up your own batch, I have a top shelf granola recipe for you.
    'til soon, Ali

  5. I've just gotten hooked on Bolthouse Farms' Green Goodness drink - to go along with the green chips, of course!

  6. If you're stuck making your own granola...use the Barefoot Contessa's fabulous recipe...I just gussy it up with maple syrup and fruits, nuts and spices that I'm craving...not that I'm a control freak or anything!

  7. OMG, I can't beeeelieve Centerville Pie Co. is being sold thru Harry & David!

    YAY Kristen & Laurie! Not only are they a fabulous local business, but they are huge supporters of Cape Abilities.

  8. All of those items look delicious, although the kale chips are a bit curious. Are they really that good? I am not a fan of kale at all, so the idea of a kale chip makes me wary. The yogurt sounds very good!

  9. All of those items look delicious, although the kale chips are a bit curious. Are they really that good? I am not a fan of kale at all, so the idea of a kale chip makes me wary. The yogurt sounds very good!

  10. I love the chocolate Oikos! So yummy. I want to try the caramel as well. I tried to make kale chips once, didn't turn out so well. Haha!

  11. Since I live far away from places like Trader Joe and Whole Foods, I have to have my goodies "choppered" in too. Love the Feed cranberry coconut cinnamony granola. Yum.

  12. guuuuuuuurl, I mean, Marie, I am so going to get the oikos and let us know how the pies are, look TDF!



    PS, we must start a "Queen of" club now that you're a member ;)

  13. If you think the Oikos chocolate is good, you should try the caramel. The store near me has trouble keeping it in stock.

    Warning: The caramel is high in sugar, and the delicious Bear Naked Granola is terribly high in calories. But, boy is it good!

  14. I have been dying to try that greek yoghurt but it isn't sold here :O( And the company wont ship it to me :O( I need to make a cross border trip to smuggle some home!