30 September, 2010

All Up In My Kitchen Grill

My sister Julie and I are currently obsessed with Williams-Sonoma's Nonstick Goldtouch collection of bakeware. Collection being the operative word here...

I christened my Half Sheet Pan when I made Ina's Outrageous(ly) fattening and delish Brownies this past weekend and it was love at first bake...

But, I kept wishing I had the 3-Piece Cookie Bakeware Set for her California Pizza's I was serving up as well...

Orrr would I be better off with a couple of the Pizza Crispers...

And, throwing in the Cooling Rack which would also be useful for when the cookie dough actually makes it as far as the oven?

Can't forget the Loaf Pan for making my much loved 'tis soon the season Bill Blass, aka Louie, Meatloaf...

And, family is already requesting my much trotted out on the wintry weekends Barefoot Contessa Easy Sticky Buns and this would be perf for those double batches...

Decisions, decisions. Not as in, which one or set should I get? But, which one or set should I get FIRST?

FYI...Williams-Sonoma is offering 15% off all "cooks tools" purchased in store only through Sunday. Unfortunately, I'm a week late for the swanky "cooks bakeware" sale but, at least you have an excuse to walk through the door now!

Kindness of my Mom and sisters who will be stopping at the Christiana Mall on the way back from NYC today to load up on Goldtouch bakeware for the lot of us in tax free Delaware. And here poor Babe thought he was in the clear since I HADN'T gone on the shopping trip with them...XXOO


  1. Gold in the kitchen = surprisingly chic! They look sturdy, too. Worth a splurge!

  2. I keep looking at these when I am in WS. Nice to know they are a good pan. I need a new loaf pan, sooooooo. . . . .

  3. heck, that tray would be hot with bottles of lotions on a chest or vanity.

  4. I registered for ALL of it for my wedding in March!

  5. This how the math works in my lil corner of the world, Allie. I would buy the set and save the fifty dollars. Theeennnn.....since I saved fifty dollars on the other pieces I would use it to buy the loaf pan and the pizza crisper for 42.00. Since I can't leave a WS with nary a dollar in my pocket I'm sure there is an eight dollar wooden something in the gadget section. Or, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I think they sell twine!

  6. I have a GoldTouch addiction, too. Love the sheet pans and the cupcake pan.

  7. Wanna get some REALLY cool and seriously utilitarian and sturdy stuff....check your local Craigslist for restaurants that are closing and buy some commercial grade things like sheet pans and hotel pans...you'll wonder how you ever lived w/o it. Not always stylish...but long on function.