27 September, 2010


Okay, okay...I give. The fall equinox arrived last week and I can no longer pretend otherwise. I ain't saying I won't log a few more days in a bikini on the beach but, I will concede that summer has come to a close by breaking out my fall wish list. But, stand by for my resort list to soon follow...

Should I wait til I'm in Paris to get the Roger Vivier Chips flats in black patent or have them for my trip? Hmmm...

Babe would have to peel this Glamourpuss NYC rabbit fur Bolero off me every night cuz I certainly wouldn't be taking it off before bed of my own volition...

The History of Paris in Painting. Just to look the part bone up...
Snatching this Velvet Vanity Tee up in white, grey AND navy. Butcept mine will likely be paired with sweats and not a cute skirt...

Even though I'm not quite finished with my ski scene I better have the next needlepoint belt kit on deck for looming tanning trips to Meeehico...

I wore the Mrs. Roper sleeves off my Jules Reid flowing kimono this summer and can't add this one in Tiger Pink to my fall collection fast enough...

I just must have this T. Anthony Stowaway Duffle packed in my wheeled suitcase when I head to gay Pareee. Where else would I stuff all my whatever "Rue du..." Hermès is located on loot during the trip home?

I'm getting hassled by family members for the holes in my Petit Bateau tees that I wear with my jammie bottoms. This is as close of a replacement to the old style that I can find on their website. Although, I don't see what the biggie is about a few non revealing holes...

I owed Mary Anne that Lotus and Lilly clutch win for bringing this Lauren Merkin Berry Calf Hair clutch to my attention a few months ago. How would Rachel Zoe say bah-na-nahs in french?

enter code "happyfall" at checkout now through the end of September to receive 20% off all orders!

Who was I kidding holding on to my Patagonia size small Coolweather Running Tights. The days of 5am six milers and size small anything belong in the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History. Time to spring for the mediums. And, FYI, these babies were sold out everywhere all last year so don't wait for it to actually turn cold before ordering...

Kindness of Babe for realizing that the lack of any Hermes items on this list holds nooo meaning whatsoever. THAT is a wish list unto itself. These are just the items me and the UPS man can handle all by ourselves covertly during the week...XXOO


  1. love the shoes, those would be perfect for Thanksgiving, they have a sort of "pilgrim" vibe -
    the buckles....I think!
    bon voyage~

  2. love love love the merkin bag! ps...lilly now has a line of kindle/nook cases at barnes and noble. I'm in heaven with mine!

  3. I love the shoes too! Have a great trip!

  4. j'adore roger vivier and tres jealous of your trip! and thanks for the patagonia tip. now that i'm back on the skinny path, i need to stock up on my cold weather running gear and avoid excuses not to get out there for bikini prep this winter! kisses!

  5. Love the shoes, but I definitely think you should wait and get them in Paris...just so you can say, "oh these ole things? Just picked them up in Paris on a trip once." :) And speaking of Mrs. Roper!!! I bought the tackiest caftan at Rose's on 94th this summer planning to be her for Halloween!!!!! It is perfect :)

  6. Patricia is right about the pilgrim vibe, they do have a bit of that style! Thanks for the tip on the Patagonia, we experienced the "Oh, we've been out of those for weeks" response last year as well.

    BTW, had to quote you on the CK Bradley news in today's post.

    Sending you a smile,

  7. LOVE the viviers - I am lusting after a hot pink satin pair myself!

  8. Love your blog, but I am a little diappointed by the fur jacket and
    calf hair purse. A lot of people
    continue to work very hard to avoid
    inhumane practices towards animals.
    The fur industry is a big offender,
    and wearing fur sends quite a message.

  9. As someone with an animal soul I do struggle with where to draw the line at times. I try my darndest to buy eggs, milk and meat from humane sources. I donate energy, money, love and prayers to all animals. But, I do wear leather and yes, fur. We're all a work in progress and we're all on our individual journey towards enlightenment. I very much appreciate the kind tone of your comment and you never know what and where this li'l seed you planted may sow...XXOO

  10. Very kind/mature response to the Anonymous post...Admittedly, I was on board with the Vivers and was going to suggest the Luluemon PoloCrosse pant to complement the Patagonia ones, but I too was taken back by the fur. Perhaps its because I know entirely too much about how fur products are made, but if you love the look, maybe you'll consider 1. going faux (its just about everywhere this season); or 2. going vintage. Just a thought...ps: the T. Anthony Stowaway Duffle is LOVELY!!!