18 March, 2009

Swankiest Sandals

Since this is my inaugural posting I figured I better pull out the big guns. What better way to debut than by revealing my most coveted handmade sandals. Canfora on the Isle of Capri has been creating these beautifully embellished sandals that have been a must all over the world since 1946.
Each pair of Canfora's is like a piece of artwork and you will be mobbed, mobbed I tell you, whenever you don a pair.

The pricing is in euros so pop over to the universal currency converter to figure out the price in buckaroos.

Then you too may lump yourself in with the other notable customers of international fame such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly, Princess Margaret, Princess Caroline, Maria Callas, Elle McPherson and Alice Richardson, natch!

POST SCRIPT: Costanzo at Canfora has kindly agreed to extend his private sale to my fashionable readers. Just put in the code TCB200809-11 and receive 15% off your entire order thru March 31. He would like me to express that this was an exclusive gift for customers who have recently ordered and since I fall into that category (woops, btw Babe, tada...I got a new pair of sandals...), and the entire world is feeling the economic squeeze, he would be more than happy to make this exception.

Kindness of the most fashionable Carol Elderling Hammond


  1. me want, need, must have a pair!!

  2. First, a serious pedicure
    Second, Canfora sandals

  3. 15% off? Well I know where this paycheck (and the next) are going! Congratulations again...I cannot wait for all to come!

  4. I just read a quote this morning in O Magazine that said, "just because a situation is grim doesn't mean you don't have every right to smile". So, as titillating as it was being referred to as the "Marie Antoinette of bloggerville" in my first negative comment, I have made an executive decision to not print it. I welcome constructive criticism, and even occasional snarkiness as long as you have the gumption to attach your name to it. This blog is an extension of my home and it's my goal to provide a brief respite from the yuckiness that's going on in the world right now and hopefully bring a smile to your day. And, quite possibly, a pretty pair of sandals.

    Collars Up!
    Allie in G'town

  5. Welcome... love the Canfora's- ah... Life is too short to do with out... Your header by PvE is fabulous.

  6. Allie -

    Is that grosgrain ribbon I spy to keep all your pairs together when not being worn?



  7. Good eye Dickie. They don't call me "Anal Allie" for nuthin!