22 March, 2009

Dream Trainer

One of the no-no's when doing IVF (besides, quelle horreur, no botox, no peels and no Retin A) is exercise. And, as much as I've fantasized about hearing those words during many a grueling workout, they kind of lose their luster after about a week. I especially miss doing my newly discovered, double secret weapon Tracy Anderson DVDs.

Gwyneth Paltrow, the high priestess of prep herself, and Madonna, not so prep but really rad bod, refer to Tracy as their "pint sized miracle worker". And when they can't have her one-on-one they do her DVD's.

My fav is the mat workout DVD which requires a set of 3 lb weights, a chair and just happens to have been filmed in Gwynnie's beautiful Sagaponack home gym. It's sooo tough...And, for that Dancing With the Stars physique minus the tacky sequined getup, Tracy's Dance Cardio workout is aaahamazing...

Insider tip: If you subscribe to Gwyneth's weekly newsletter, Goop, she occasionally shares her personal videos Tracy sends her while she's on the road with Madonna.
Tracy is featured on the April cover of Fitness mag as well as in the April issue of Bazaar!


  1. I only wish someone would tell me NOT to work out. Gym routine start this week (I'm serious this time) keep your fingers crossed for me.

  2. Thanks for the post A. I watched the video and was mesmerized by her body the entire time. I might actually have to get some of her videos so I can lose my post baby fat.

  3. Nikki, Tracy has a post pregnancy workout video in her lineup!

    Collars Up!
    Allie in G'town

  4. definitely hard at first but easier after time. i thought i was the only one who actually did it all the time...but i'm glad others were using there dvd