23 March, 2009

Meet the Boys

This is Templeton, our 13 year old Himmy, who is affectionately known as Tat's, Tassie, Sasser, Muffin and Bon Vivs, just to name a few. And yes, he is named after the rat in Charlotte's Web but, it was also the name of the late C.Z. Guest's (a personal heroine) Long Island estate.

His passions include bird watching, eating fresh flowers, his daddy, pilfering needlepoint yarn, mummy's purple pashmina and Angel's Gate Hospice for Animals.

His signature pose is "cee peez" (slang for "crossed paws").
And this little triscuit is one year old George Washington Rockefeller who is affectionately known as The Pilge, Pilgie, Piljins and multiple other variations on the word as it moves us. He was named after daddy's favorite president as well as the infamous John D. Rockefeller of oyster fame.
His passions/obsessive compulsive disorders include sinks, tubs, toilets, giving mummy microdermabrasion at 5am, breaking Simon Pearce glasses, logging in emergency vet visits from Cirque de Soleil acts gone awry, all around mischief and Angel's Gate Animal Hospice.

His signature pose is the "Penthouse" for obvious reasons...

Angel's Gate is "a hospice for physically challenged, abused and abandoned animals that allows them to live out their days in peace, dignity and love".


  1. truly the cats meow at your place.
    worth more than 9 lives, indeed.

  2. I love the witty names you chose for your cats' favorite poses!