25 March, 2009

Fizzing Bath Powder

Wool is on the ever expanding list of things I am allergic to and a couple of weeks ago it became particularly unmanageable. And, by unmanageable I mean complete fits of scratching, crying, hives, headaches and a public scene or two much to the embarrassment of Babe. The culprit; I was brought to my knees by a Ralph Lauren wool duffel coat I had pulled from the vault (vault being a closet at my parents beach house). So, besides taking massive amounts of Benadryl, in an effort to relieve myself of symptoms I'm taking a hiatus from all scented products and I am particularly jonesing for my fizzing bath powder in fig from The Soap and Paper Factory.

The Soap and Paper Factory has really pretty, earth friendly, packaging which makes this a particularly fabulous birthday and hostess gift. The kind of gift that will solidify your reputation as the best friend and guest.

Plus, I totally love the fact that their beautifully hand crafted products are not tested on four legged preps.

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