05 March, 2010


Been corralling a select few lovely critters together for a zoobilee of lovely offerings...

Shopaholic in Alabama brought this Caroline Grace sea turtle cuff bracelet to my attention last week on twitter. How perf paired with summer whites and just theee right pair of Canforas...

Stumbled across this vintage owl belt over at The Sugar Buzz several months ago and immediately thought of my Nana. She was nutso for anything with an owl and now I am too...

This pair of enamel seahorse Codis Maya of London cuff links at Sherman Pickey lost out to a pink pair for Babe's Valentine's gift. Still have them simmering on the back burner for his June birthday to be paired with another Ledbury shirt...

Hoo wouldn't look like a million bucks with these Giuseppe Zanotti owl sandals and a pair of Earnest Sewn white jeans?

Now, how to sneak this Bridle rosette belt buckle CZ at Tartan and Toile blog found for me past the head of zoo financing...

Kindness of Babe who's tentatively leaving for Singapore on Monday. Hard to juggle the position of Minister of Zoo Finance from halfway across the world...XXOO


  1. I feel honored to have influenced one of your lists! :-) Love Critters....can't believe turtle hasn't been purchased...guess our Heads of Finance are winning this week! XOXO

  2. That turtle cuff is a must for St. Patrick's Day!

  3. great jungle finds and should you run across anything bee-related, I think you know that you need to come and knock on my door ;)



  4. You need to open a shop. You come up with the coolest, most unique finds.

  5. Those are all way too fabulous for words!

  6. Was your nana a Kappa? All Kappas have a lifelong penchant for all things owl...

  7. I am flattered to be included, and in trouble now that I have seen those FABULOUS Giuseppe Zanotti owl sandals! I love all your picks! You must have that belt buckle. It is an investment! ;)

  8. I absolutely love that cuff bracelet!

  9. OMG how awesome r those shoes!

  10. Darling, each & every item. You would be an amazing, stellar personal shopper!

    Smiles at you,

  11. the green cuff is fabulous! I want one!