25 March, 2010

The Love List Library

The Love List's "rebellious debutante" Jessica Nell Graves just debuted The Love List Library and I was honored when asked to submit my media selections. Little ole moi included in her stable of "notable bloggers, designers, tastemakers and other creatives"? Don't know how I slipped past that velvet rope but, maybe if I'm reeeaaal quiet no one will ask me to leave...

I tried to steer clear of my usual media suspects, e.g., The Official Preppy Handbook, Metropolitan, every Gwyneth Paltrow movie known to man, ect., and offer up selections that fly a smidgie below the radar and some oldies but goodies...

Bright Young Things & Bright Young Things London
by Brooke de Ocampo

Of all the beautiful coffee table books in our collection these are two of my favs. It's the closest I'll get to having those invisibility super powers that would allow me a peeksie into how "the other half" lives.

How To Wear Your Hermes Scarf
by Hermes

I started collecting these little booklets back in the early 90's and periodically lurk eBay for vintage editions. They've helped me perfect my bag o' scarf tying tricks and would be high on my list of "things to grab in the event of a fire".

The Buccaneers Mini Series
by Edith Wharton and Marion Mainwaring

English period pieces are my weakness and I fell in love with this Masterpiece Theater miniseries staring a très young Carla Gugino when PBS first aired it ten years ago. American socialites...the London Season...titled English gentlemen...This is "pot of tea, plate of shortbread cookies, needlepoint project, wintry weekend" afternoon perfection.

Born Free
Columbia Pictures

Get out the hankies. I'm usually done for the minute they open with the Born Free theme song. Christian the Lion's got nuthin on Elsa.

The Man In The Moon

I think I love this movie so much because it reminds me of summer and all the promise that it holds when you are young. It is hands down my favorite Reese Witherspoon performance.

Urban Cowboy
Paramount Pictures

Put John Travolta in cowboy boots and a pickup truck, have him line dancing and bull riding at Gilles in Texas, give the movie a "hard hat days and honky tonk nights" tag line, and throw in dialogue like, "Sissy, I apologize cleeear back to the first time that I hit ya" and I'll stop on that channel every time. Every time. Bless you TNT...

50 By Bobby Short (Box Set)
Bobby Short

The cabaret singing, piano playing Bobby Short was an institution at the Carlyle in NYC and one of my biggest regrets will always be having missed out on seeing him perform live. Alas, the closest I ever got was watching him sing for Lucy Camden on 7th Heaven. Some girls on tv have all the luck...

Tunnel of Love
Bruce Springsteen

I've actually had this song taken away from me before due to over play. Yeppers, the bff and Babe can attest to my love of this song. Sha na na na na na naaaaaaaa...

The Pat Conroy Cookbook: Recipes of My Life
by Pat Conroy

The minute Pat Conroy came out with a cookbook I was the first in line. How could someone write so beautifully about low country cooking in 'Prince of Tides' and NOT be a foodie? I will take his vinaigrette to my grave but, not before I make a name for myself as the "hostess with the mostest" making it for appreciative dinner guests...

Kindness of Jessica Nell Graves for allowing me to rub shoulders with cyber dignitaries such as herself and her stylish posse. Now shhhh while I try not to call attention to my presence...XXOO


  1. I KNEW you would be a Bobby Short at the Carlisle girl...

  2. Well, I'm not surprised that you got invited! You are one of the most interesting bloggers. period. And I share your love of Urban Cowboy and have been known to watch Saturday Night Fever and Grease, too. I could do an entire post on the movies that I love to watch, but I'm not sure I could hold up under the "eye-rolls". haha xoxo

  3. I LOVE The Man In The Moon too. Such a great movie. Definitely some great picks there! But you gotta admit, Christian the lion IS pretty fabulous regardless. :P


  4. Oh, I laugh out loud as I think of you singing Tunnel of Love(yes, over and over again)...Seems there was a dance of sorts to go along too, something akin to the gopher moves in Caddyshack as I recall.

  5. I was absolutely obsessed with Born Free when I was little! Congratulations on a the invite and thank you for sharing such fun picks!

  6. Thank you for listing Man in the Moon! I always try to remember the title for my fiance, who has a HUGE celebrity crush on Reese Witherspoon. And I remember being so jealous b/c my high school best friend looked just like her in this movie...I wanted that hair.

  7. Interesting list! I also LOVED The Buccaneers - I was facinated with Carla G. and was happy when I saw her start appearing in many more places after that series. The Man in the Moon is one of my favorites. I'll have to get that Pat Conroy cookbook...but reading The Prince of Tides stands out to me as one of the best AND worst experiences of my book-reading history - wow!

  8. Love Man in the Moon and the Pat Conroy cookbook, which makes me want to wander around cooking things in Italy.

  9. Awww the man in the moon was one of my favorite movies. JCW and I were very lucky to get to see Bobby Short at the Carlyle! xx

  10. OMG, Elsa! ~sniffle~

    Great picks!

    My parents had their wedding reception at the Carlyle, back in the olden days.

  11. Oh Alice..you seem to be getting more and more famous..this should work in your favor with Babe about needing certain accessories that someone of your stature should not have to do without!

  12. I just look at Pretty Young Things London on Amazon yesterday and was contemplating adding it to my wish list. After reading your expert recommendation, it's going straight into my online shopping bag.

  13. rock it like you OWN it Alice! quite the week, you will have to let us know what celebratory purchases are being made :)

    PS- please confirm that you secrectly not-so secretly love HUSH, aka the only GP movie I have ever seen on Lifetime! how can you go wrong with GP, Kentucky horse country, the guy from That Thing You Do as the hunky husband and a scheming Jessica Lange as the crazy MIL!



  14. The Buccaneers! I have a very delicate VHS version and keep my old VCR for the sole reason of being able to watch this amazing miniseries. I am feeling a Buccaneers marathon coming on....