09 March, 2010

Social Climbing With Beth Dunn

Below follows my interview with Beth Dunn, author of Social Climbers book and blog, founder of The Preppy Mafia annnd the most popular girl in Bloggerville. It's like the head cheerleader asked me to sit with her at lunch!

Why "summer is a verb?" I love the title, it says SO much with so few words. Something every writer from Truman Capote to little old me wishes they could do.

I believe Ms. Birnbach said it best when she wrote, "The summer is the high point of the Prep year, the time when Prep blossoms into fullest flower, the point of reference for everything else in life. You choose your clothing, car, friends, pets, on the basis of where and how you summer." Yup, this lil floribunda is all about the ocean, the tan, the beached blond hair and theee best clothes of the entire year...

What are your favorite accessories for your stylish life?

A fabulous white bikini, enough Lilly to fill a small museum, a haircut that does not require blow drying, good pearls, the ability to laugh at oneself, and a husband that puts up with and furnishes it all. That, and my Johnstons of Elgin blackwatch cashmere shawl and B² smoking jacket. Both of which I planned to be buried in.

Tell me about your fab life, what do you do besides go to the gym and watch Oprah (I'm also your stalker on twitter-LOL)?

The gym is très important for prancing around in the above mentioned white bikini and, Oprah is my workout for the soul. I usually try and time it so I'm at the gym during Oprah thus, killing two birds with one workout stone. Besides that I enjoy needlework, Diet Coke, gossiping while running distance, Lynard Skynard, chocolate anything, Vueve Cliquot Rosé, oyster roasts, foxes, and laughing til it hurts...

Do you consider yourself preppy? Did you read TOPH?

Ohhh, this prep's blood runs pink and green. And, not only did I read The Official Preppy Handbook but, I still have my original copy. My friend Joanie's sister-in-law helped write TOPH and is also the model throughout the 'Social Studies' chapter. I've been threatening to get her to sign my copy for years. Yup, it's definitely one of those items I would "save in the event of a fire".

What do you think about mean girls grown up and Social Climbers?

Well, as a rehabbed mean girl, married to a rehabbed mean boy, I totally understand how they operate . You know, kind of like hiring an ex-burglar to consult on preventing break-ins? And, I think a little social climbing never hurt anyone. Unless, of course, you suddenly begin to act to the manor born or step on people during your accent. Karma doesn't discriminate between Loubs and Bean boots so tread lightly on your way up. Besides, it's waaay more fun to have your friends with you when you do reach the summit...

Kindness of Beth Dunn, author of Social Climbers for giving me a leg up. She's the one in Loubs feeding the knotted bed sheets out through the tower window a la Rapunzel to all her preppy peeps in bloggerville...XXOO


  1. Clapping! Bravo Bravo! Fab interview! TWO COOL CHICKS!!!! XOXOXO

  2. I absolutely love the beauty of the English language in your writing!! xoxo

  3. first off, look at your fab tan! I am green over here, but really just white as a ghost. And the mean girl rehab, loved that. I am a mea girl grown up who has married one of the boys I used to be mean to-- karma! Great interview.

  4. I always wondered about your perfect blog name. Great blog interview!! xox MBM

  5. Now, please write a book, your words are akin to a summer day, hot, sunny, and leave me wanting more.
    There are so many summer worshipers.
    Wonderful interview.

  6. You are a riot! I was never a cheerleader but you rock. Love you!

  7. Love the interview! Two of my most favorite people. xoxo

  8. Nicely said! All of it, but especially the last bit about not trampling peeps... nice :-)

  9. love love love this! you need to do an interview with Joanie's SIL next about the behind the scenes of her part in the creation of TOPH! I mean, that would be like getting to interview Micah or Timothy or something!



  10. Great interview! I too love to workout with a little Oprah on.

    And what a good point about karma and bean boots/loubs... very wise words!

  11. Link to the B² smoking jacket, please, so we can see what you are talking about! Thanks in advance.

  12. Gosh, that thing is like 10 plus years old. I just checked the Brooks Brothers site and it doesn't look as if they crrently have one in their women's lineup. Mine is belted black wool with the classic wide lapels and pockets. Like Hugh Hefner after a Lisa Birnbach makeover...XXOO

  13. Miss Allie, this is fabulous, You are such a delight to read. And quote of the day has to be: "Karma doesn't discriminate between Loubs and Bean boots so tread lightly..."

    Sending you a smile,

  14. Just read it at Beth's blog! You are a beach beauty delight! So fun to learn a little more about you!

  15. Just had an amazing thought!!! What about needle-pointing a pillow or similar item with...

    "Social Climbing...

    Karma doesn't discriminate between Loubs and Bean boots so tread lightly on your way up..."

    It would be fab!!!

    Love the interview, again you leave me longing for sun and surf!

  16. Great interview! Your blog makes me long for summer - it won't be long now!

  17. Love this interview so much! Not really a prepster here...until summer comes, then a whole different story, time to store the black, dust off the Jack Rogers, etc. Married a real prepster though, he still has that 80s poster hanging over his bed in his parents house, the "how to tell a prep" or something like that...MUST get a picture of this, before it fully disintegrates!

  18. Good interview! You do have a nice way with words. Your tan makes me long for summer as well!

  19. What a great post over at Beth's!!! So glad I had a minute to breathe, check my computer and make my way over here!
    Just love your blog!

  20. You and Beth are my idols! :-) LOVE this interview! Too fab, and I'm soooooo jealous of the March tan. XOXO

  21. That interview is going to be hard to top! I must admit I am also a rehabbed mean girl...glad it didn't take me too long to wise up and change my ways! xx

  22. you look sooo great for your age please give us more tips!!!