30 March, 2010

The Big Draw

Tensions were running high moments before the big draw...

But, Pilgie knew the success of the event rested on his haunchess and he was ready. He had trained...

There was a moment of hesitation when the "nepotism" trash talk started in the peanut gallery...

But, he composed himself and dove back in...

Eventually coming up with a winner!

Annnd proof that he did indeed choose blindly...

He graciously allowed the judges a few shoots of his toothless feat...

Before sharing the winning number...

A quick reference...

And, a final looksie by the head judge to verify that all was kosher before Charlotte was officially declared the winner!

Kindness of Templeton and Pilgie for stepping up to the plate for their Mummy. Our panel has now been sequestered until conciliatory drinks can assure that camps Maxminimus and Southern Gent are not waiting in some Old Town Alexandria dark alley ready to avenge their loss...XXOO


  1. That was a wonderful prize! Congrats to the winner.

    Oh, yes, your kitties are soooo cute, very good judges, too!

  2. Seriously! You need to write a book :)

  3. Congrats to the winner of your generous give-away! Hope your computer problems are being worked out.

  4. The first picture is priceless. Pilgie looks like he's bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders while Coach lounges in the background, hissing what I'm sure is his version of words of encouragement.

  5. Ohhh, I loooove this photo series! Too precious!

  6. I love this post! Your kitties are simply adorable!

  7. your cats are sooo cute! i love the cream one with the blue eyes! i want one :)

  8. Fantastic gifts. Lovely celebration of your blog. Adorable cats.

    Since I seem to have been just one number off from the winner, I think that I shall take it as a sign to do some 'prize' shopping on my own. Very excited!

  9. Your kitties are freaking adorable! Your blog is so fun to read. Thank you for sharing!

    Margaret, Virginia

  10. I don't know what I enjoy more... your wit or the pictures of your beautiful cats! LOVE your blog.

  11. You just won my belt giveaway, congrats! If you send me your email we can sort out the details.



  12. Rats, oh I meant "cong-rats" to Charlotte (but serious
    envy has set in) Me-Ow....
    ditto to the book from a previous comment...hint, hint.

  13. First time commenter --
    the pic with the super close up
    of the winner who won by a cat's
    whisker -- great. Hopefully there are rewards for their hard work.

    for cat lovers a great blog (not mine) CatSitterintheCity --

  14. I love seeing how different bloggers pick their winners! There is a science to it. This is possibly my favorite one!

    I use random.org to pick a number, then pick the corresponding comment on my post. Most readers know how to comment; some do not, and I help those readers by posting their email comment (not address) on the blog.

    Just found your blog via the NYT, looking forward to reading more. LOVE the header by PVE.

  15. just noticed vertical blinds...tisk tisk...........

  16. Laughed so hard tears squeezed out! It's my sister's rental beach house and believe me, there are many things more sinful than those verticals in this 70's pad! Buuut, it's literally 100 yards from the ocean so that trumps all offensive decor. And, I take it you're still smarting from your loss??? XXOO