17 March, 2010

Jonesing For Mas Mexican Sol

Every morning I watch and mourn as my tan slowly comes off on my loofah and white towel. If I wasn't running a kitty hospice for Templeton, and Pilgie didn't sink into a clinical depression every time I left, I'd be scheming my way back to Mexico for one last hoorah before my parents wrapped it up for the season...

I daydream of my taxi arriving through these gates, white bikini in my carry on armed for a speedy transition...

Hola Mom! Hola Dad! I'm heeerrre...Watch out as I bust a move outta these traveling duds and into my beach attire...

And, P90X isn't so P90Xhaustive when doing it in this cute gym every morn...

My cerebral Spanish workouts, not so tough either...

The entrance to my office...

My clockwork 2pm Coke Lite palapa runs. "Dos Coke Lite con limones y una popote por favor..."

And, of course the job...

Not such a grind when you consider the view...

And, those cute teenage Mexican girls with braces and ponytails mixing me Michelada's on the beach from the comfort of their full beach bar set up...


sea salt
generous squeeze of lemon
generous (and I mean generous) pinch of chili powder
Soja Sauce (Soy Sauce)
Worcestershire Sauce
tomato juice
full Mexican beer

Garnish with cucumber and something else I did not recognize.

But for now, I'll just have to a have peeksie at the Mexican society mags I picked up for Bethany at Maryland Pink and Green and turn a blind eye to my tan going down the shower drain...

Adios la playa Mexicana til next season...

Kindness of Babe who maybe, quite possibly would like to squeeze in a quickie pooh trip somewhere warm and tan preserving in the coming month. Otherwise rooftop deck season may have to open a smidgie early this year...XXOO


  1. Was that you wrapped in a snuggie, poolside?
    (waiting for summer can be so rough)

  2. I believe that the garish which you did not recognize is a jicama. The dictionary describes it as a yam bean.

  3. I was just about to follow you, when I realized I'm already following you. I must need fresh air.

    Let me just say if I weren't, I would.

    Your blog is grand -- in every way.

    Warm regards,

  4. I so hate you. Okay. Hate is too strong a word, but sooooo jealous.

    Anyway, glad you had fun and made it back safe and sound. Don't worry, spring is just around the corner.

  5. Mil gracias for the fabulous magazines. Of course, I have to keep up on the society pages.

  6. love that you call it the office as well!



  7. That's a job to never leave!! Best Office Space in the World. xoxo
    Yay for Babe. How is Kitty doing?

  8. It's been a year since I've been to Mexico and I'm jonesing for it real bad.

  9. Somewhere I've read that sun is actually addictive. These posts of yours sure are:).

  10. Oh, but that all looks glorious! Thank goodness summer will be here in a blink...

  11. this looks AMAZING. love me some meck-he-co ;) xoe

  12. And you want sympathy?

    I started out the door with shorts on yesterday and had to regroup. Too pasty.