04 February, 2010

Valentine's Spoiler Alert Pour Homme

Babe either already possesses, is soon to receive OR is about to have a full fledged campaign waged upon him for why he should have the items listed below in my Valentine's pour homme suggestions...

J. Crew cashmere v-neck sweater in purple, the color of royalty. That's what ya get when you refer to your wife as "Queenie"...

Babe has already devoured this book and I have it on deck. That is, I did until my dad who was reading it felt obliged to turn to me on the beach every twenty minutes or so and give me a book report. So it's more like I'll be re-reading it...

Oooo and find of the month, courtesy of my très fashionable friend, and ex-G'town neighbor, Alexandra, the Ledbury shirt collection for men. This southern duo have done their due diligence when it comes to the art of shirt making. I'm eying up the work shirt in blue gingham for Babe...

As well as the dress shirt in pink royal oxford...

...with color contrasting french cuffs for a lil conservative flash. Can not wait til they come out with a women's collection!

The Wiley Brother's hoof pick belt as modeled by Maxminimus in his Heathrow Airport mug shot...

And, as part of my continuing political education I recently purchased Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story DVD. Per usual, Babe intercepted the package whilst I was sunning it up in Mexico and, now we have both enjoyed it. Boy that man had charisma in spades. Not to mention, what had to be the best head of hair in DC...

Hmmm...wonder which item's gonna take some campaigning on my end? Maybe a sneak attack's in order...

Kindness of Alexandra Lee Small for reporting in with the fabulous Ledbury find. Templeton, George, Babe and I really miss Beau and Capote and you. NYC dinner date at Ippudo in a couple of weeks? You wear your grandmother's white rabbit again and I'll wear my Nana's mink...XXOO


  1. I love how your shopping expeditions take on that of a full blown campaign party. I envision you needlepointing some sort of coat of arms "couchant."
    All the pomp and circumstance of one's vanities are like an ambitious political party. Tell Babe you are his very own "cabinet."

  2. how fun are those finds? i love the belt especially, and all of the guys on the ship pass around lone survivor - that thing must have sold SO many copies!

  3. Love your ideas! I especially like to give good books as gifts and love the belt. xoxo

  4. Love all of these! Hubbys getting red monogrammed PJs and a lilly tie!

  5. I knew Lee Atwater. He was from Columbia South Carolina. Easy to hate-Atwater was an absolute savant-genius-Machiavelli incarnate. He played to win. His demise was almost poetic justice in that God gave him enough time to not necessarily apologize for ANY of his tactics but to balance-explain and yes, to some degree, make amends to a very select few that he deemed reconciliation necessary. RIP Lee.

  6. Dear will ♥ it all! :-) Have a fab day! XOXO

  7. I was eyeing that JCrew sweater for my husband too. And that needlepoint belt (both his and yours) are to die for!
    Love your blog; keep it coming!

  8. I'll be buying that book tomorrow as a gift for my husband on Valentine's Day...sounds like a winner! Fun list!

  9. The lovely ladies at C. Orrico have several men's blazers in their Sale Shack........it might be an easier sell at 50% off.

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  11. Does Babe call you Queenie???? That's my nickname!!!!