19 February, 2010

Sinchy English Monarchy

Babe has a team in India that assists him with documents, I have my sister Genevieve. So as part of my due diligence, prior to seeing The Young Victoria, I was boning up on the history of English Monarchs. Being the good assistant that she is, Genny unearthed this Royal crutch to help me keep them straight forever more...

Sung to the tune of Good King Wenceslaus...

Willie Willie Harry Stee

Harry Dick John Harry three;

One two three Neds, Richard two

Harrys four five six....then who?

Edwards four five, Dick the bad,

Harrys (twain), Ned six (the lad);

Mary, Bessie, James you ken,

Then Charlie, Charlie, James again...

Will and Mary, Anna Gloria,

Georges four, Will four Victoria;

Edward seven next, and then

Came George the fifth in nineteen ten;

Ned the eighth soon abdicated

Then George six was coronated;

After which Elizabeth

And that's all folks until her death.

Kindness of Genevieve who will be receiving a "very strong" this coming review cycle. This makes up for her inability to put my tea bags and honey back on the proper shelf after each use...XXOO


  1. That is crazy fabulous. I'm obsessed with British history and movies too.

    AMAZING share. XOXO!

  2. this is great reading, my husband and my children now all of this by heart, I do not. I need to burn this to my memory. Thanks for the nudge.

  3. Unfortunately I am at work, and learning this would involve me singing very loudly, as there is no other way to sing anything set to the tune of Good King Wenceslas (sp?). I know what I will be memorizing Saturday! I'm sure Hubs will be ecstatic ;)

  4. CZ the Anglophile loves this! :)

  5. Wonderful! Cheers to your sister for that one. I can't wait to see "Young Victoria."

  6. I saw The Young Victoria yesterday, and it was every bit as fabulous as this song, which I am promptly memorizing.

  7. I highly recommend Young Victoria fim!!! The light, photography, and costumes are so great!

  8. The movie is fantastic- the costumes, the acting, the precious tricolor Cavalier. :-) You will love it.

  9. I love this. Wish my old mind could remember all the words.