26 February, 2010

A Houseguest Cometh

Town & Country published a piece on houseguest etiquette just in time for me to descend upon my parents again in Mexico...

Arrive and leave on the days and at the times that you initially promised.

Barring anymore airport closing blizzards this time around I plan to leave Ixtapa on the date and at the exact time that my itinerary shows. I also plan to pack closed toe shoes just in case of knee deep drifts upon my return to the states...

Try to fit in with the host's schedule, or let him or her know beforehand what your plans are.

A little bit of this...

And, a whooole lotta that.

Bring your host a nice gift. (Alternatively, may I add, you can send a gift afterward, once you have seen the house and have gotten a sense of the host's taste.)

My personal assistant made sure to stock me up with some good Belgian chocolates for gifting and I also plan on smuggling a few cheeses and some much sought after Viva paper towels in my checked baggage.

If you have special dietary requirements, bring your own food or politely let your host know what they are prior to your visit.

Arriving prepared. Although, haven't quite ironed out the weight logistics of traveling with a weeks worth of Diet Coke. I just know that Mexican Coke Light has hidden calories....

If you are staying for a few days, take your host out for lunch or dinner.

Breakfast at Soliedos on my P90Xhaustion cheat day for more pancakes dripping in pecan laden maple syrup and Emilios for tequila and shrimp brick oven pizza?

Either share the cost of or pay for events that you (the visitor) suggested.

Hmmm, how to convince my Mom the beach massages are her idea???

Write a nice, personal thank-you note when you return home (not a quick email from the office).

Well, I spent 20 minutes climbing over the mountain of stuff in our storage unit this past weekend in a vain attempt to unearth my Crane stationary wardrobe. I may have to spell out my "thank you" on the counter top in Belgian truffles...

I have not, however, figured out how I'm gonna splain my stowaway...

Kindness of my Mom and Dad who I'm sure are getting a little weary after three months of a revolving guest door. Don't fret, I'll just be taking my tan quietly and leaving...XXOO


  1. I just returned from Mexico! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Oh please..I bet your parents are thrilled to have you there! And I am with you on the Coke Light...something ain't right with that stuff. And it tastes too much like the real deal. Have fun and may I suggest we have a future bloggers retreat at your parent's place? ;-)

    (I kid, I kid)...

  3. There is nothing like the beaches of Mexico to thaw one out after this awful/bizarre east coast winter! Enjoy!

  4. sooooooooo jealous!! i would commit murder for one day of 80 degrees and sunny. le sigh. also, we have the same tea. try the jasmine green tea next time...it really takes it over the top.

  5. Safe travels and have a great time! Great post by the way!

  6. Good luck on your travels. And you take it to that Mexican Coke...:)

  7. Could not be more jealous! Just started following your blog so I'm not sure where in Mexico your parent's house is but mine have one in Isla Mujeres and I'd very much prefer to be there now. I'm so over this NYC snow! Have a great time.

  8. Have a great time and safe travels. I am so jealous...I would kill for a tan and to escape this cold! xx

  9. What are your thoughts on also stowing away a cold, frozen Princess? Heh-heh-heh.

    And yes, thank you, something is very wrong with the entire Coke Light thing. It needs to go away.

    Have a blast, it is good for the soul!

  10. safe travels and have a ball!



  11. Re: Coke Light. Check the artificial sweetener on the label. It is often sodium cyclamate - a much better tasting artificial sweetener but banned in the US in 1969 due to some rat data.

  12. Ahhh, having just returned from a brief trip to Hawaii, I can cheerfully send you off to enjoy some sun! It is a nice feeling to bask in warm weather on a lovely beach in February. Bon Voyage! Keep your toes out of the snow!

  13. Enjoy the sun! Fingers crossed the flight plan has no delays this trip. Safe travels.

  14. safe travels! that would be so cool if i could get my cats to travel with me! ha!ha! :)

  15. I need to keep that in mind, I always feel like I have to show up with something but after would be better a lot of times. Have fun!

  16. I heartily agree on all these rules, although apparently what it means when we go on our forced march to my husband's parents is that we take our own lunch because they don't eat lunch and our eating lunch is a "special dietary need."